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Com 200 Week 3 Assignment 2 Operations

RUNNING HEAD: LETTER Newly Engaged, Want Some Advice? Introduction Accepting advice from other on ways to keep communication active is easy to accept, but difficult to project. Having the right tools to help couples whether married, engaged or dating communicate better and have a happy life together are essential. There are important elements to effective communication that greatly affects you interpersonal relationships with a spouse, or newly engaged couple. Thesis Statement Having tools to communicate effectively can vary from couple to couple, the process by which self- concept is developed and maintained is important. Couples must recognize how words have the power to create and affect attitudes , behavior, and perceptions. Emotional intelligence is important to develop and keep a healthy interpersonal relationship. Body Paragraph: Process in which self-concept is developed and maintained. “Self-concept suggests that the self is developed through a reflective process—it is built over time as you think about who you are and your interactions with others (Sole, K., 2011)”. "The self is something which has a development; it is not initially there, at birth, but arises in the process of social experience and activity . . .( Sole, K., 2011).” "Each to each a looking-glass reflects the other that doth pass" (Cooley, 1902, p. 152).( Sole, K., 2011). “You build your sense of self-concept through communication with yourself and those around you. This is formed by what you tell yourself and what other people tell you about yourself (Sole, K., 2011).” 2

Section I: Introduction.In this paper we will tackle the question; does having the CIA be the responsible body forcarrying out covert action create a conflict of interest when CIA/National Clandestine Service is responsible for both covert action AND collecting and feeding information to CIA/Directorate ofIntelligence for strategic intelligence analysis?I will argue that a conflict of interest does exist and that by the CIA/NCS carrying out covert action, it has hampered the CIA’s ability to collect HUMINT intelligence on foreign nation activities. I show this by first defining the difference between covert actions and intelligence collection in order to establish that the pairing of these activities is not needed, but also ineffective. I will then discussing how the Eisenhower administration reorganized covert action and HUMINT collection operations during the 1950s into the same stations, and how this impacted both operations. I will also point out how failed covert actions has impeded the CIA’s ability to collect quality HUMINT intelligence.Additionally, I will explain that today’s fight on terrorism has changed how we collect and process information. This has cause a shift from strategic intelligence to a world of tactical intelligence. This has further degraded our ability to conduct strategic analysis, as we have lost our experience as analyst and our ability to think on a strategic level. Section II: Main Argument.Page 2of 7