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Educ 1300 Information Literacy Assignment

SLO #1: Develop and use an academic/personal/professional action plan to include long-term goals, with detailed emphasis on time spent at HCCS.

1.1 Create and prioritize short-term and long-term goals related to your academic/personal/professional development at HCCS.

1.2 Use inventories or assessments to identify career interests, values, and abilities.

1.3 Examine various career options and use available resources (e.g. career center, college library, etc.) to research and analyze information pertaining to career options.

1.4 Select an academic/workforce pathway and select a degree plan.

1.5 Construct and use an academic plan to achieve career goals and select classes for subsequent semesters.

1.6 Learn and demonstrate etiquette appropriate for transitioning from college to sustained employment.

1.7 Practice the strategies of collaborative learning and team building.

SLO #2: Identify and use strategies to manage your time, energy, finances, and personal responsibilities.

2.1 Through careful time analysis, determine and practice strategies to manage your time.

2.2 Develop and follow a financial plan to support your academic goals.

2.3 Evaluate and use strategies to balance academic and personal responsibilities.

SLO #3: Identify and use various services at HCCS.

3.1 Discuss your educational/career plans with an advisor or appropriate personnel at HCCS.

3.2 Use HCCS websites and publications (especially the college catalog) to locate pertinent college information.

3.3 Identify and utilize tutoring services provided on-campus or online.

3.4 Identify and utilize campus resources.

SLO #4: Identify strategies to increase learning, motivation, memory, test-taking abilities, note-taking abilities, and reading comprehension.

4.1 Identify personal learning styles and develop effective study skills/learning strategies based on individual results.

4.2 Identify personal strengths and weaknesses to develop successful strategies.

4.3 Apply knowledge of learning to adapt to various classroom environments.

4.4 Attend a library orientation/instruction session to access resources and technologies available on campus and online.

4.5 Practice information literacy skill building by utilizing library sources and technology.

4.6 Participate in experiential learning activities such as those linked to career selection and/or community service.

4.7 Understand and apply strategies to improve memory.

4.8 Learn and use strategies for effective note-taking, reading, and test-taking.

4.9 Understand how grit, growth mindsets, and motivation impact learning.

SLO #5: Learn and practice essential skills of academic, career, and personal success.

5.1 Use oral, written, and visual communication (e.g. PowerPoint) to express oneself effectively.

5.2 Use social networking and electronic communications appropriately as defined by the rules of netiquette.

5.3 Learn what constitutes academic dishonesty and plagiarism.

5.4 Learn and practice critical thinking and problem solving.

5.5 Construct a plan to promote social and personal development (e.g. physical and mental wellness plans, volunteer/service learning, participate in participate in co-curricular activities).

WRITTEN REPORT (75% of the project grade): A. Title page (separate page) Example: PHYSICAL THERAPIST Student Name EDUC 1300 Summer 2013 B. Write an introduction and label this section “Introduction ”. Be sure that you italicize your THESIS STATEMENT and only italicize the thesis statement in your introduction (1 point) . In this introduction, you are supposed to a) create interest in your reader (1.5 points) , and b) reflect the purpose of your project (1.5 points) . Example: I come to understand that if there is a reality where I can do ________ for a living, I am going to find it because that is my passion and passion is everything. _____________________________________________________________________ C. Label the second section “ Supporting Details ”. In this section, address the six questions below by using . First of all, number and type out each question. Then, answer it. Each answer must be in a full paragraph (NOT in point form). Reference any statistics or quoted information used. If you are uncertain of how to reference a source, ask a Librarian . Do this EARLY in your writing preparation so that you don’t get caught at the end with improper or no references in your six answers . (* Questions 2, 3, 5, and 6 require that you reference material from your research) . The others are more personal answers, but reference material from your research can strengthen them. 1. Why did you choose this particular career? (12 points) Write your response to Q1 in paragraph form.