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Sample Accuplacer Essays

Do you need essay writing help?

Many students worry about their essay writing skills, but you can improve your writing for the essay part of the test.

Our essay writing guide teaches you everything you need to know in order to succeed with your essay.

Computer-Scored Essays

Did you know that your essay is scored by a software program? That’s right, a teacher or administrator won’t read what you have written.

This creates special challenges for students since computer scoring is very different than human scoring.

Since your essay is scored automatically by the computer immediately after you submit it, our book tells you what the software looks for as it moves through your writing.

Our publication also tells you how to compose your essay in order to raise your score.

Our Essay Writing Guide

Our Accuplacer essay writing guide is entitled Writeplacer Success, and it is available in both PDF download and paperback form.

If you want essay writing help, please visit the Writeplacer page.

Our essay guide has chapters on all aspects of essay writing, such as:

  • explaining good essay structure
  • illustrating how to create effective thesis statements and topic sentences
  • writing the introduction, main body and conclusion
  • providing elaboration and examples to support your thesis
  • using linking works and subordination to build sentences
  • using correct grammar and punctuation
  • writing with high-level vocabulary

Writeplacer Success will help you get the best result possible on your essay writing on the day of your exam!

The essay guide has example essays, with comments that help you understand how best to compose your essay in order to optimize your score.

Because a good essay should be focused to answer the exact question that is being asked on the exam, we also show you how not to move off the assigned topic as you write your essay.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that while you may think that the Accuplacer essay writing requirement is unfair or unnecessary, colleges or universities test your essay writing skills prior to your admission because writing essays is an important academic skill that you will need throughout your studies.

Essay Example for ACCUPLACER

ACCUPLACER Essay Writing Guidelines

The ACCUPLACER is a group of tests that allow the students to demonstrate their skills and abilities in Reading, Writing and Mathematics for pursuing college education. Besides this, the scores of the tests also help the admission authorities to determine the potential and the restriction of the students thereby enabling them to obtain assistance from the online aids of the test.

However, along with the scores that are obtained by the students in this test, their academic performances, pursuits and interests are also taken into account by the admission authorities in order to find the most suitable courses for the test takers. The tests are computer adaptive and the questions are of multiple-choice types with the exception of Write Placer or the Essay Writing section of the tests.

What is the WritePlacer section of ACCUPLACER and the objective of the same? Let us find out in the following points:

  • The primary objective of WritePlacer is to measure the level of effectiveness with which the test takers are able to express their writing skills.

  • The scores that are allotted to the students for this section of the test are based on the clarity of the message that is conveyed through the write-up or the easy. In short, the score is determined by the fact whether the test taker is able to express the actual thoughts and ideas in writing, and the way in which the ideas are arranged.

  • Furthermore, the writer of the easy must have sufficient points to support his/her ideas that are present in the essay. An example for ACCUPLACER Essay is useful for those students who are preparing for the test as it allows them to understand the correct format of writing an essay and the tenets on which the essay should be based.

Besides studying examples for an essay, the candidates taking this test should be able to follow certain guidelines for writing a perfect essay that are provided in the following points:

  • The test takers must concentrate on the basic idea of the write-up and maintain it throughout the essay. Additionally, they should refrain from repeating the same points over and over again or offer useless and large explanations for supporting the stand that they have taken for this writing topic. Perusing through anexample is a good idea for a student to prepare for this test.

  • While it is important to follow the main idea or topic throughout the essay, it is necessary to elucidate or expand the entire idea in order to create interest among the readers. Furthermore, the test takers must follow their ideas with sufficient examples and references. In other words, the ideas expressed in the essay should be effortless and not forced upon the readers. In this context, the presence of facts is likely to provide balance to an essay.

  • The writing prompt is perhaps the most challenging part of the test and each test taker must explore an example in order to understand how the ideas can be expressed in a lucid manner. It is also useful as the test takers are able to learn thatsuperfluous ideas must be avoided and more attention must be paid to the sentence structure of the essay. It is to be remembered by the students that the examiners will try to gauge whether the sentence structure of the essay take up or refer the idea that you have supported in your essay.

  • The essay should be versatile and the use of words and sentencesshould not create boredom or monotony. At the same time, the primary intent of the prompt should remain intact.

  • A test taker is encouraged to focus on the example while preparing for this test so that it is easier for him/her to understand how the writing prompt should be addressed.

  • The test takers must also cater to the use of punctuation within the essay anduse appropriate words in order to express their ideas.

The Aspirants of ACCUPLACER can visit the following links for examples:

In order to enhance the scores of essay writing section in the test, the candidates must take help of an essay example for achieving their desired targets.