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Dissertation Sur Lexclusion Sociale Chicago


800 S Clark St
Chicago, IL60605
(312) 588-1100

Yum, yum, yum!!! The Happy Hour Sauvignon Blanc is delicious and Oh My God, the scallops are to die for! I could eat them every day if I could afford to! Two scallops will run you about $15 if I recall correctly. Great drink specials for Happy Hour. We also had the lamb meatballs and boy were they tender and flavorful, but the star of the show is definitely the seared scallops. You must try them. I'm currently scouring the internet to purchase pistachio butter. Oh yeah, the bartenders aren't the friendliest but the food makes up the difference thus the 4 star rating.

There aren't many restaurants in this area, so It was a surprisingly pleasant, restaurant oasis! I loved the interior design. Cozy design that makes good use of vertical space. It has potential to be intimate but it was mostly a friendly and sociable atmosphere. Literally everything on the menu sounded delicious. I would definitely describe it as a fusion restaurant. Tapas style with a little larger-than-average-tapas portions. We took a lot of our waiter's recommendations and tried several different dishes. We asked them to bring them out as they finished and the order in which they came out is below: Sumac-Crusted Scallops: Very hearty scallops. They were well cooked, but fell a bit short of expectation. The pistachio butter added a nice creamy element, but I don't think the subtle flavor added much to the dish. Seared Five-Spice Pork Belly: I think they went a little too overboard on the "sear" aspect. The pork belly was cooked really well, but I was also craving more of fat that makes pork belly so appealing. Grilled Octopus: Our 2nd favorite dish. Very good. The charred grapefruit complimented it very well. Skirt Steak with chimichurri and potato hash: Our favorite dish. Every component was extremely flavorful on its own but also complimented each other. The steak was cooked medium-rare to medium. Normally, I underestimate potatoes, but these were quite crispy and delicious. Moqueca Baiana (Brazilian Seafood Stew) - This dish had some reminiscent Thai flavors. Maybe the flavors just weren't to our preference, but I was disappointed by it. I expected something much heartier. This was a fun restaurant to dine at. I really liked the menu. There are some ups and downs in the meal, and while I wouldn't go out of my way for it, I would recommend it to anyone in the area.

This is a nice spot to get drinks with friends. The music that they play is the the perfect volume so that you can talk comfortably and hear one another. The staff is helpful and friendly. We got carafes of the white and red sangria, both of which we enjoyed. The Sociale Sampler also let us try a number of delicious chacouterie, nuts, cheeses and breads. We will definitely be visiting again!

One of my favorite places in Chicago! Food is fantastic (mezzes and scallops are two of my favorites), drinks are superb and the atmosphere is laid back and enjoyable. I would highly recommend stopping into Sociale with a good group of friends. It's an amazing menu for a relaxing, delicious meal of tapas and great drinks!

I have been coming here a lot since I moved to Printer's Row a year and a half ago. I would recommend coming here either for happy hour from 4-6pm or for weekend brunch. During happy hour, they feature their 4-5-6 menu, which is currently $4 smashed potatoes, $5 chistorras, and $6 pork belly. And for drinks they offer $4 draft beers (they always have four on rotation at a time), $5 red or white sangria, and $6 Sociale Cocktails (I prefer the spicy margarita). For brunch, the portions are normal size and they even offer bottomless mimosas for something like $18. My favorite brunch dish is probably the duck hash skillet. Unfortunately, I don't recommend coming here for dinner unless you're trying to impress a date. Sociale's dishes are focused around small plates, so the portions are a little small to be worth full price. Definitely give this place a try.The staff are very friendly, the managers are caring and hands-on, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

I love tapas, and happen to live in the neighborhood. I 've always heard good things about this place. Recently I had a reservation for 6 people through OpenTable with you on October 7th, 8pm Saturday to celebrate my birthday. For a decently famous restaurant during almost prime dinner time on a Saturday, the restaurant was extremely empty, but the following reasons explain why. Two of my friends got there early and started ordering cocktails (according to my friends, the drinks were way overpriced and not even half filled, looked like someone took a huge sip out of it) Overall, not only did we not enjoy our service (our server was extremely rude) or food (poor price vs quality comparison), the doughnut was way undercooked, the tagliatelle was over seasoned and extremely salty. The chicken's sauce had a weird sour taste to it and definitely very underwhelming. One sad, flavorless lamb chop for $14! Unfortunately...those were just some of the examples. Overall I thought the food was mediocre, if it was purely food, I'd give it a three star (and it was fine that the restaurant did not recognize it was a birthday dinner (which i noted in the reservation), usually for decently upscale places they would offer free dessert). But what pissed me off the most was our rude server. His attitude was almost unbearable. He said the doughnuts were meant to have runny, raw dough in the middle, and at the end I was overcharged for the bill. My friends and I split the bill three ways with each one paying $55+. Because my friend and i tipped at the bar very well, we decided to not tip for one of the cards, but was never the less charged extra for it. Im sorry but that just seems extremely rude and inappropriate, and unfortunately, will never be back again, and would not recommend it to anyone. If you want tapas, go to Cafe ba-ba-ree-ba. About the same price range but way better service and quality.

Heads up if you make a reservation for this place on Open Table!! I made a reservation on Open Table about a week in advance. Sociale sent me a text confirmation a day or two after I made the reservation to which I replied "1" to confirm. I received a missed call from them at 9:47am the day of my reservation (which was scheduled for 11am). (I was in a meeting and could not answer my phone.) When the meeting concluded and we were en route to the restaurant I just so happened to check my emails and there was a notification from Open Table that my "reservation has been canceled by the restaurant." They canceled the reservation because I didn't answer my phone?? POOR POOR business decision. We took our business elsewhere for a delicious brunch instead of trying Sociale.

Aha, another great place in the neighborhood - delicious food and great service! Ordered chistorras (potato wrapped sausage), roasted cauliflower, short rib, muscles, sociale plates, chocolate panna cotta, and zeppole. Our favorites are Chistorras - super crispy potato wrapped around spicy sausage; muscles - soup was very flavorful so we ordered extra bread; sociale plates - delicious salami & pickled veggies, and zeppole - fluffy and spongy texture with crispy shell covered with sugar powder, and sauce has a gingery taste! Since we were there very late (about 11 pm), our server checked with kitchen and said they don't have zeppole any more, but then he surprised us with a half-sized zeppole for free bc there's still some leftovers XD such a great start for the weekend.

I ordered the lamb meatballs, sumac crusted scallops, house made feta burrata, and skirt steak. The lamb, scallops and the feta burrata was amazing! I would definitely recommend any of those. The skirt steak was okay. I don't know if I will order the steak again. Very cute place with a nice atmosphere.

We went to Sociale to start my friend's Bachelorette's night. I brought some decoration and must confess I was afraid the waiter was coming to complain about it but instead he came ask me if I needed help organizing everything! Ladies arrived, we got drinks drinks and tapas! Cedilla and pisco & Quiet were our drinks options. Both delicious! We got 8 different small plates! 1- grilled octopus 2- sumac-crusted scallops 3- lamb meatballs 4- skirt steak 5- roasted cauliflower 6- house-made feta burrata 7- smoked apple salad 8- pickled bit salad They were ALL really good! My favorites were #s 1, 3, 6 and 8! We were not planning to order dessert but our waiter brought us complimentary Zepolle and Chocolate Panna Cotta! They were both amazing! Definitely coming back!!! They know how to treat a costumer besides serving great food and drinks!

Stopped by for happy hour with a friend before heading to an event nearby. Nice space and decor, but the focal point was the massive wrap-around bar and accordion doors which were fully opened to Clark/Polk. It provided for great people watching! I ordered from the Happy Hour menu and started off with a beer. We also shared 3 of the happy hour tapas - Smashed potatoes with huancaina sauce and tomato salad (this dish tasted and smelled exactly like sour cream and onion potato chips) - Chistorras, which are potato wrapped chorizo (their version of pigs in a blanket) served with a saffron aioli, which did not have much flavor - Five Spice Pork Belly with pea puree, radish lime slaw, and some sort of sauce reduction (this was my favorite appetizer of the three). I also ordered the Quicksand - Johnny Walker Black, Cherry Brandy, Vermouth, and Blood Orange soda before HH ended. This drink was light and refreshing and quite tasty. Can't complain a very nice experience. Friendly staff, good food and drink - I'll be back!!

My husband and I decided on trying a new place for dinner last Friday, and I had driven past Sociale earlier that day. When we saw it on yelp we decided to give it a try. First, if you are driving, parking is a bit sparse (no parking on Clark), but there is metered street parking on Polk, and a parking structure across the street as well. We came in on a rather cold/rainy night so the place wasn't too busy for a Friday evening. We were immediately greeted and sat. Our server was attentive, gave us some suggestions and preferences, and overall did a great job. Being a tapas place we ordered many dishes: * House-Made Feta Burrata - pretty good burrata with eggplant puree * Sumac-Crusted Scallops - their "most popular" item and it did not disappoint. The pistachio butter added a nice texture and I would order this again. * Five Spice Pork Belly - I almost always order anything pork belly and this was good - two slices * Chistorras - I would order this again! The chorizo was more like * Grilled Salmon - it was nice and tender but probably my least favorite of all the things we ordered * Skirt Steak - nice and tender, and I don't normally go to town on potatoes/carbs but these had a nice crunch, and were in melted butter goodness We would have ordered more food but that above was really filling (on top of the two desserts we ordered after that). I've already decided which new items I want to try the next time we come back. (If anyone wants to keep record they are: Ancho-Espresso Beef Short Rib, Grilled Octopus, Scallop Ceviche, and they also had a Lamb dish I was interested in)

Terrible, expensive food, nice ambiance. I have to say I really was looking forward to coming to this place. I've always heard good things. Hate to say I was very disappointed. We were a group of 6 and ordered almost every single item on the menu. The portions are incredibly small a single bite for each person per plate. The scallops (which were recommended) were very salty and could have been better. The lamb shank was meh. the short ribs were over cooked. There's also something to say abt consistency. We re ordered pork belly and the second time was terrible. The worst part was the donuts. They were grossly undercooked, so much so that the dough in the middle was still maleable. You could taste the yeast. It was just so bad. Expensive. Very bad food will not come again.

Came here for lunch on a Friday and there were very few people here at noon. Seems to me like it's a more hip dinner place. The decor was great and had plenty of natural lighting. The lunch menu was small and included four small plates, three salads, and seven sandwiches. I opted for the Fried Chicken Sandwich ($13). It came with pickled jicama slaw on the bottom and a decent piece of fried chicken with aji picana sauce on top. This might have been my mistake because I did not know what aji picana sauce was. It tasted like sour citrus, which was not was I was expecting. I was not a fan of this at all. The chicken itself lacked flavor and I would have much preferred a milder sauce or just seasoning. My boyfriend had the prime burger, which was an okay portion for $14. It came with bacon and cheese. I ended up finishing this burger because I could not stand the fried chicken sandwich. It was good, just greasy. This place is a tad pricey, but I would recommend not getting their sandwiches! Their scallops and grilled octopus sound more enticing.

Perfect happy hour spot! With plenty of seating inside and out, plus sliding doors they keep open when it's nice out, this place is great for drinks and small plates. Their cocktails are $6 during happy hour, and I fell in love with their G&T! Beautiful drink and delicious too. I also tried their fried smashed potatoes which were incredible. Can't wait to come back to try more of their menu!

Paid a visit for happy hour on Friday. Bar man was so rude and borderline abrupt. Totally put me off staying there. I ended up staying for 2 drinks and left. I live in the same building and see it's usually pretty empty on a regular bases and I can now see why. Definitely don't plan on returning here.

The food was uber delicious here. I ordered the almond crusted french toast. It was stuffed with smoked apple, mascarpone, anejo caramel, and candied nuts. Let me tell you I am a huge fan of french toast and now Sociale Chicago is right at the top of my list for breakfast food. The side of bacon came out cooked to perfection and it had a maple candied flavor to it.

I came in on a Saturday afternoon (3/3/2018) and enjoyed myself. It was pretty empty and the bartender was very attentive. The Bloody Mary was so delicious. I had and recommend the Ceviche, Skirt Steak (cooked medium and served with potatoes) and mussels. The bartender had no problem when I sent back my martini (up) and switched it to a cosmo. I will definitely come back.

The real winner of the meal was the scallops (5 stars for those)! Seared perfectly and great combination with the pistachio butter!!! I would've ordered 2 for myself. Everything else was meh, especially main entrees. Ordered the Chicken Liver Mousse (kind of bland), Shaksuka (poached egg was overcooked, yolk was solid), and the Duck Hash Skillet (way too much grease).

So where do I begin? We started with the scallops as an app which were absolutely delicious in their pistachio sauce but sadly there were only two, of which I only had one:-( Followed by a scrumptious Cuban sandwich that filled the empty void in my stomach. And to satisfy my sweet tooth I chased it all with the Cardamon Rice pudding which had a little to much going on with it between the candied walnuts, lemon curd and orange blossom water it was a little overwhelming and just ok at best. Our waiter was great and gave us some awesome suggestions on what to try, we'll definitely be back again to try the dinner menu.

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