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Sea Cadet Bmr Assignment 9 Answers To The Impossible Quiz

Glossary extracted starting with manual seeds, with BOW for the domain war and language EN

pj  Usually black pajamas worn by VC; other VC wore light blue night uniform that was practically invisible in moonlight; also light green uniform
angelsnickname of 11th Airborne Division; the first to be both GLIDER and AIRBORNE qualified, and later to be the test organization for AIR ASSAULT tactics.
napalm    A jellied incendiary used by the French and Americans during the First and Second Indochinese Wars.
gsgeneral support
sofastatus of forces agreement
maovMobile Artillery Observation Vehicle
sanSanitary abbreviations used on 1:528 and 1:500 mapping, 1850s
lfhgLightweight Fragmentation Hand Grenade
wr wksWater Works
lubber's holean open space near the top on a mast through which a sailor may pass to reach a perch, instead of climbing out on the futtock shrouds; see CROW'S NEST, GOD'S EYE VIEW, OVERSIGHT
frag orderFRAGmentary Order; an abbreviated operations order providing all essential information and timing for executing an assigned mission; a partial movement or action order, being the most important part(s) of a detailed operations plan (OPLAN)
hfmHeavy Force Modernisation (US)
field stripto disassemble a weapon into its major components for general cleaning or maintenance; compare DETAIL STRIP
fsclFire Support Coordination Line
mountain tent(forthcoming); experimental waterproof neoprene tent developed for alpine operations during WWII was uncomfortable and unhealthy for occupancy see TENT
rdjtfRapid Deployment Joint Task Force (US)
vtszVung Tau Special Zone; see RSSZ.
lp         Listening Post.
millencolinMillencolin got their name fom a skate trick called 'melancholy'.
four deuce4.2-inch (107mm) rifled MORTAR (M-30), with maximum range of 5,650 meters, used as BASE CAMP or TRACK mounted CREW-SERVED WEAPON.
everyday sundayThis Chirstian band felt that a Christian should live like every day was Sunday, hence the name.
cgColdstream Guards
mh & mlwMean High and Mean Low Water
kcs   Kit Carson Scout–former VC soldier who changed sides to work for US forces
coheed & cambriaThe science fiction stuff came way later, after they already recorded their first album
mensMission Element Need Statement (US)
ascomArmy Service COMmand; nicknamed "Ashcan City".
toll gateOS404
bugbear(forthcoming); aka: "bugaboo"; see STUMBLING BLOCK, HOODOO, BOGY.
goshawkT-45 jet TRAINER, adapted for Navy flight from a land-based model; see BIRD.
c-123       A small cargo aircraft
belle & sebastianThe name comes from a French TV series of the 1960s called 'Belle et Sebastian', about the adventures of a young boy (Sebastian) and his pet snow white Pyrennean Mountain Dog (Belle).
s-daySelective Reserve call-up Day; the unnamed day that the President authorizes the call-up of not more than 200,000 Selective Reserve servicemembers
heaving linea light or thin CORD or ROPE, with its trailing end weighted by a knot (ie: MONKEY FIST), that's used to toss overboard to a swimmer or small boat, or to a WHARF or MOLE, or between vessels for transferring larger lines or CABLEs; also known as a "throw line" or "messenger line".
82mm   VC/NVA mortar round; range 3,040 m; 123 lb tube, base plate, and tripod
judas priestOn top of other things, lots of metal band portray themselves as devil worshipers
ccrCrown copyright reserved
fmTitanium tetrachloride (code designation)
shed 7Called thusly because there were originally 11 of them and they were told that to get on, they'd need to.........Shed 7
c-141       A large cargo aircraft
black boxNamed after the famed "black box" that records airplane pilots for use after crashes.
coacourse of action
fmjbtFull Metal Jacket Boat Tail
anaAfghan National Army
ffirFriendly Forces Information Requirement
all american rejectsThe guitarist for the all american rejects remembered a line from a green day song that says :we are rejects, all- american, so they flipped it around and now they are the all-american rejects
lockstepattributed to a style of close-order drill, as a metaphor of rigid conformity, an inflexible pattern or process; but actually derived from the coordinated gait of a chain-gang moving under compulsion.
mhwMean High Water
cecomCommunications-electronics command
johnny-gun / johnny guninformal reference to the Johnson model M-1941 light machinegun (LMG), being a .30cal SMALL ARM fed by 20-round magazines with a front blade sight and a rear folding aperture sight; although the Johnson LMG was the only new machinegun design introduced during WWII, it was only used to a limited degree during the war; compare BAR, TOMMY-GUN.
creedI'm sorry, but everyone so far has been wrong
c3iCommand, control, communications, and intelligence
amargAerospace Maintenance And Regeneration Group, being an Air Force facility that stores, dismantles, and recovers parts from out of service aircraft; commonly called the BONEYARD; see MOTHBALL, CANNIBALIZE.
no divisionBB1969
mac-sog / macsogMilitary Assistance Command - Studies and Observations Group; see MACV-SOG, SOG.
coal houseSAN
usaffe(u-safe) United States Army Forces in the Far East, a corps-sized element organized 26 July 1941 in preparation for WWII, placing all ground and air forces in the Far East under the command of Douglas MacArthur, excepting the Asiatic Fleet of the U.S
ckyHey, NameMaster? CKY stands for Camp Kill Yourself
cpvfChinese People's Volunteer Force, the communist Chinese (CCF, CHICOM) in the KOREAN WAR; also known as Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV); see GOOEY, GOOK.
master survey drawingMOD6/L-TS
angraAngra actually means "Fire goddess"
papa-san / papa-sahnan elderly Asian man; term borrowed from Japanese
hawks 'n' dovessee HAWKS, DOVES (qqv).
fatcoForward Air Transport Operations Centre
arvArmoured recovery vehicle or Armed Robotic Vehicle (XM1219)
dlab(dee-lab) Defense Language Aptitude Battery, the placement test for admission to one of the 25 foreign language courses taught at the Defense Language Institute (DLI).
riddlin' kidsContrary to what was said earlier, Riddlin' Kids said JOKINGLY in an interview that the name meant that they went completely insane on stage and seemed like they needed Ritalin, but said immediately after that that was a joke and the name actually refers to people who tell riddles.
go kineticto aggressively attack or assault a target, being a euphemism from the GULF WAR for extreme agitation or perturbation; equivalent to earlier use of "going tropical" or "going bananas" for wild abandon
relient kThe other definition is right, it's just that it was Matt Hoope's car, not Matt Theissen's.
second estatethe second of the three principal estates, consisting of those persons of highest social rank (formerly European royalty); the class of persons of prestige
utmuniversal transverse Mercator
fasocForward Air Support Operations Centre
clutterechoes on a RADAR screen that do not come from the target; also known as GRASS
usmmUnited States Merchant Marine; see MERCHANT MARINE; compare USMS, COASTIES, USCG, USN, TRADE SCHOOL.
accuracythe degree of conformity with a standard or the degree of perfection attained in a measurement; accuracy relates to the quality of a result and is distinguished from precision, which relates to the quality of the operation used to obtain the result
saf/safireSmall ams fire/Surface to air fire
khung biet(kahm bick) Vietnamese phrase for "unknown" or "don't understand", sometimes Americanized as "cam biet" or misspelled "khong biet"; compare BIET
cpCheck point
pax romanathe terms of peace imposed by ancient Rome on its dominions; see PAX, compare PAX AMERICANA
udsuser-defined sequence
jedi knighta graduate of the U.S
svmlstandard vehicle-mounted launcher
lpcLaunch Pod Container
slepService Life Extension Program (US)
uxounexploded ordnance [or unfired]
shpshaft horsepower
mettc-tcmission, enemy, terrain, troops-time, civil
c & c       Command and Control
ddoDeputy Director of Operations for the Central Intelligence Agency; subordinate to the Director of Operations (DO)
foo fightersA squadron of Japanese fighter pilots in World War II were named the foo fighters for their kamakaaze attitude to missions
paphysician’s assistant
lostin artillery and naval gunfire support, a spotting report by the Forward Observer (FO, ANGLICO) that the marking round or registration shot was not observed.
the four seasonsTheir manager Joe Pesci (now actor) suggested The Four Seasons in a bowling ally in Union, NJ where they would sing in it's lounge as the 4 Lovers
ogOrnamental Ground
foo fightersFoo Fighters was a name given to UFOs which flew alongside German bombers in WW2
spheroidany figure differing slightly from a sphere
the melvinsbuzz osbourne is a huge fan of MAD magazine, especially the original EC comic books
lrmLaser Rangefinder Module
front 242I asked them personally years ago how they got their band name, and they assured me that they chose the name because it sounded good, and because the figures 242 looked good graphically
the bee geesThey were too many BG's in their lives: Barry Gibb (One of the band's members), Brothers Gibb (the abnd's members), Bill Gates (their first producer) so they agreed to use it for their name
trav cTravelling Crane
fini flightan Air Force pilot's last mission in Vietnam; see WAKE-UP.
hahoHigh-Altitude High-Opening vertical deployment; see HARP, JUMPMASTER, JSD, MFF, FREE-FALL, PARACHUTE.
foxingto be marked by discoloration or scoring, often in a distinctive pattern that lends itself to causal inference or forensic interpretation (eg: angle of strike, force of impact, type of EXPLOSIVE, kind of accelerant); compare SPALL.
vc        Derived from the term Viet Cong Son (meaning  Vietnamese Communist).
minor control point albumMOD6/L-TS
octopusslang for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), because it lives in the darkest depths, has tenticles that intrude everywhere, and defends itself with a blinding effusion of ink
seadsuppression of enemy air defenses
missed approacha maneuver that is conducted by a pilot when an instrument approach cannot be completed to landing
macv      Military Assistance Command Vietnam.
facforward air controller; a person who coordinates air strikes
blue ghostA night-flying helicopter from Troop F, 8th Cavalry, with infrared search capability and a bright light to isolate and identify targets; generally assigned an AO that contained no friendly personnel; those seen could be engaged fire for fire
140mm   NVA electrically fired 87lb HE rocket 4 ft long; 10,607m range
firefighta battle, or exchange of small arms fire with the enemy
el sub staElectricity Sub Station
ndff      ARVN force, well trained and armed
tlcAccording to Laverna Nichols, President of the TLC fan club in Atlanta, GA, TLC isn't an acronym consisting of their names, nor does it mean "Tender Lovin' Care" TLC stands for Three Loser Coolies.
a flock of seagullsYou've got the wrong one
fmfield manual
puisdesignation given to Saigon CRC
ets        Estimated Termination of Service, when your enlistment or responsibility with the army comes to an end.
revolting cocksThe band used to cause trouble in local bars, and they were thrown out one time and the guy called them "a bunch of Revolting Cocks" (See 1000 Homo Djs)
flogging mollyThe band use to play at Molly Malone's (an Irish pub in L.A.) every Monday night
irrIndividual Ready Reserve (qv); see WEEKEND WARRIOR, MILITIA, RESERVE.
multistory car parkMOD6/L
bunker mentality(forthcoming); [cf: shortsighted, narrow-minded]
flaming dartdesignation given to air operations against North Vietnam during February 1965 as reprisal for Camp Holloway (Pleiku) and QuiNhon barracks attacks by PAVN; superseded by ROLLING THUNDER.
counting crowsThere's an English divination that goes "If you hang on to the flimsiness of anything you may as well be standing there counting crows..." They heard it quoted in the movie "Signs of Life" and took it as their name.
cinccentCommander-In-Chief, Central Command
inactive national guard(forthcoming);
actionLast Week Download: 0
abmAnti-Ballistic Missile.
wpWater Plug
mean sea levelMOD6/L-BML
s staSignal Station
three dog nightAn Australian bushman's expression which describes a cold night in terms of the number of drover's dogs he needed to gather to himself for warmth when camping out under the stars on long sheep or cattle drives
hootch     A billet or living space for a soldier.
wavesWomen Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (USN); obsolete
accvArmored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle (US)
srShort Rifle
amlAutomitrailleuse Légère (light armoured car)
harmdesignation for the AGM-88 Air-to-Ground MISSILE made by Texas Instruments, an aircraft launched High-speed Anti-Radiation MISSILE that will continue to target an objective without a continuous RADAR signal.
the sartorialist/ evanI'm taking a note from my friend Evan on this post, I remember seeing this blog a little while ago and didn't think much of it
cgCattle Grid (SUSI/SIM/Superplan Products)
articles of warthe body of laws and legal procedures that regulated the U.S
the melvinsAnother name for a "wedgie", which is pulling up an underwear's elastic band over someone's head so that his butt cheeks are exposed
mpgsMobile Protected Gun System (US)
smpSurface Mine Plough
skSketched (SUSI/SIM Products)
csCess Pool
stratojetBoeing B-47 / RB-47H aircraft; see BIRD.
wd ppWind Pump
toetable(s) of organization and equipment
the coralI was watching this band do a photo shoot in Hoylake with a fake petrol bomb, anyway, I asked one of them how the thought of the name, they said they named it after a mouthwash called "Oracle" God knows how they got Coral from that but hey, it figures
fdFoundations (SUSI/SIM Products)
fd medField Medical
frankie goes to hollywoodAllegedly from a newspaper article about Frank Sinatra (although band member have rumoured Frankie Vaughan)
sapheiSemi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
loc Location
hellcatthe Grumman F6F/F6F-3 Navy fighter aircraft
ln or line number  -Method of referring to a specific soldier by using a number unit roster
elsElectromagnetic Launcher System
dm-byIbid., 'Abbreviations concerning boundary information'
laloLow Altitude Low Opening
k-dayConvoy-Day; the unnamed date for the introduction of a convoy system on any particular convoy lane
guava bombsVietnamese nickname for Cluster Bomb Units (CBU).
ladlight aid detachment
sampana Far Eastern style of small BOAT, made of wood or grass, usually propelled by a single scull sweeping over the stern, and roofed by bamboo matting; derived from Chinese (saambaan) for a "three plank" boat
tsrTavor Sporting Rifle
natoNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
at the sharp endsee SHARP END.
ceilingthe maximum altitude at which an aircraft can operate under specified conditions
jackboot tacticsbehavior that is excessively militaristic or aggressively authoritarian, especially brutally bullying measures.
pink floydIt's all in the initials people..
civil parishDM
poopie suitslang for the protective cold-water immersion FLIGHT SUIT required for wear by PILOTs whenever a mission takes them over open water, in case of ejecting or ditching into the sea/ocean; also spelled "poopy suit"
coincidence(forthcoming); compare STRUCTURALISM [cf: simultaneity, synchronicity, synchronism, synchrony] [nb: "A single occurrence is random, twice is coincidence, but three times is a pattern." paraphrase of Edward M
kriegspiel[kriegsspiel] see WAR GAMES.
ao boxArea of Operations, denoted by four map grid coordinates making a box on a map
cincforCommander-In-Chief, Forces Command
xm-177e2designation for the compact CAR-15 or "Shorty M-16" RIFLE; see ACTIV, CAR, SCOUT.
c//nfConfidential, no foreign nationals
jlist(jay-list) Joint service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology; see JSLIST.
herky birdnickname for the HERCULES Lockheed C-130 / DC-130 transport aircraft, also called"Whisper Pig"; see FLYING COW, SPECTRE, CANDLESTICK, STOL, BIRD.
circumpolar stara star in any given latitude that never goes below the horizon; hence, its polar distance must be less than the given latitude; in astronomy, only those stars with a polar distance of less than 10� are considered in practical problems
muleModular Universal Laser Equipment (US)
gr pointgraves registration point
glcgun lay computer
vstolVertical / Short Take-Off and Landing; see STOL, compare VTOL, JATO.
fmfpacFleet Marine Force Pacific.
big oneslang for the 1st Marine Division, which served in the Pacific during World War II, the KOREAN WAR, and the VIETNAM WAR.
ttgTime To Go
plumb linethe line of force in a geopotential field; the continuous curve to which the direction of gravity is everywhere tangential; or, the line indicated by a plumb-bob cord
pink floydPink Floyd, possibly the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time, was named by Syd Barret, co-founder of the band
l twrLighting Tower
door gunner(forthcoming); see MACHINEGUNNER, MG, CREW-SERVED WEAPONS.
combat assault(CA) the term is used to describe dropping troopers into a LZ located in hostile territory
f-hourthe term used to designate the unnamed effective time to mobilize Reserve units, as per a decision announced to the military Departments by the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)
travelling craneOS404
oobsOrder of Battle Study; see OB, TO&E/TOE, MTOE
comintCOMmunications INTelligence; later redesignated signals intelligence (SIGINT); compare ELINT, see INTEL.
suppressoranything that stops or inhibits, such as a FLASH SUPPRESSOR or sound suppressor (SILENCER, not "muffler"); derived from forced down
crmComposite risk management (US)
wWater, Wood
pillar letter box1:500-Grimsby,'06
lbLetter Box
all saintsI don't know if this is relevant but the Spice Girls formed in a house in Boyn Hill Road, Maidenhead in England
elsapElektronische Schiessanlage für Panzer (electronic fire system for tanks)
fraternizationto consort or associate cordially with members of a hostile group is strictly prohibited; as between enlisted and commissioned RANKs, between male and female MIL-PERS, between constabulary and civilians in occupied or pacified territory
counterfirefire that's intended to destroy or neutralize enemy weapons, including counterbattery, counterbombardment, and countermortar fire.
blBasement Light
under constnUnder Construction
armorya storage place for weapons and other war equipment; compare MAGAZINE
nca(en-see-a) National Command Authority, being the highest level of tactical leadership in time of war or other emergency, from the president, his duly deputized alternate or successor along the CHAIN-OF-COMMAND from the JCS.
jackbootany sturdy leather boot that reaches up to or over the wearer's knee, as worn by soldiers
rgBracken/rough grassland (SUSI/SIM Products)
ngrsNational Geodetic Reference System
call boxCSS - 1:1000
remains ofDM
ferryAirfield used as a staging post (RAAF)
gvcGas Valve Compound
klickIs a kilometer which is a square on a map
reforgerREturn of FORces to GERmany.
dead spacearea which cannot be covered by observation or fire due to the nature of the terrain; also known as "dead ground"; compare KILL ZONE, ZONE OF FIRE, DEFILADE
sseSensitive site exploitation
pelican   Radio call sign for helicopter unit; A Co 123rd  Aviation Bn in general support of the Americal Division; usually C&C personnel; previously referred to 161st AHC
wp   White Phosphorus a incendiary filler in grenades, artillery shells, and rockets
c/sCall sign
lnsLaying and Navigation System
simply redI remember an interview in to '80s to the lead singer Mick Hucknall in which he said that when they were thinking about a name for the band he looked himself in a mirror and said "simply red" because of the color of his hair.
mobyHe named himself after a book one of his ancestors wrote, "Moby Dick"
desert shieldan operation launched by U.S
aazimuth of line
cvrCombat vehicle reconnaissance (wheeled) (UK)
the clashI've read that they named themselves after the reggae song "Two Sevens Clash" by Culture
roeRules Of Engagement
lmcInitials of and members, Lee, Martin and Chris.
gtcsGun Test and Control System
web belta woven cloth band, with metal buckle and tip, that's worn about the waist to secure trousers or field pants; the polished version is worn in garrison while the subdued version is worn in the field
dopdilution of precision
hell's half acreafter its earlier usage for a slum district or rough terrain [cf: HELL ON WHEELS, SIN CITY], this phrase identified the Anzio beachhead during 1944, which was called "the only front without a rear" during WWII
abortto interrupt or terminate the progress of any military operation, also called "abortion"; failure to accomplish a military objective for reasons other than enemy action.
flswFuture Light Support Weapon
pink floydFour of the original members were fans of blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council
heavy greencodename for the upgrade of RADAR equipment (ie: air-transportable all-weather AN/TSQ-81 radar bombing control system) at LIMA SITE 85 in 1967, in preparation for the procedure enabling the precision bombing attacks of select targets in North Vietnam; see TACAN, COMMANDO CLUB.
green apple quick step1970s slang for diarrhea
ploPalestinian Liberation Army
mr        Military Region.
ccmclose combat missile
submunitionany munition contained in or carried by another munition, as for activation or deployment; see CBU, BUTTERFLY BOMB, AP, APAM; compare FAE, SABOT.
faFinancial Adviser
greendayWhen the band members went to their high school principal to announce to him that they were dropping out, he acpeted, only saying that it would be a "Green day in hell" if they ever made it in this world.
sky       To leave.
heat-t-hvyhigh-explosive anti-tank - tracer - heavy
centcomCentral command
molle(mollie) acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-bearing Equipment, includes load-bearing vest (LBV) and CamelBak-style CANTEEN; see RUCK, ALICE, LBE, WEB GEAR, STABO.
sortie    an operational flight by one aircraft.
l-hourthe term used to designate the unnamed effective time specified for the commencement, execution, implementation, or initiation of a particular C-DAY operation
flack jacket Heavy fiberglass-filled vest worn for protection from shrapnel
gpGuide Post (signpost)
cfvCavalry fighting vehicle (US)
cvttsCombat vehicle targeting system
frenzal rhombFrenzal Rhomb means friend(s) of the platypus in native Australian.
sterilizedto remove all traces of occupancy or passage; restore a site to its original condition before departure
shihadAfter watching the David Lynch movie "Dune", the band took their name from the line "We shall wage this Jihad across the Universe!"
eEmbankment, Esplanade
pinkOn (Mtv, Making the Video), that her name is a 'Resevoir Dogs' reference
bettie serveertaAcording to the (official?) Bettie Serveert webpage, they named them after Bettie Stove, Dutch tennis player
the replacementsJust to clarify, "the Mats" - the Replacements' nickname - came about because people used to jokingly refer to the band as the Placemats (Replacements/Placemats..
ficFrench Indo-China
wocWarrant Officer Candidate; see CADET, compare OC.
sur bSurface Block
zmean observed zenith distance
nflsvnNational Front for the Liberation of South Viet Nam, as the political arm of the Viet Cong (VC); also abbreviated NFL and/or NLF (qv)
big shotguna recoilless rifle using CANISTER anti-personnel ammunition; see RR, LAW, compare SHOTGUN.
pwPlace of Worship
london transportDM
cho deVietnamese term for "son-of-a-bitch"; literally 'given birth by a dog'.
youth hostelDM
skytrooperthe Douglas C-49, being a variant of the C-47 DAKOTA transport aircraft.
the aquabatsThey are superheroes from the planet Aquabania!
chaparrala mobile Surface-to-Air (SAM) MISSILE platform consisting of STINGERs mounted on a HMMWV (HUMVEE or "Hummer")
fottFollow On To TOW
sweepto search or cover an area, as MOWING THE LAWN or ZONE AND SWEEP
sparrowdesignation (AIM-7) for the semi-active, medium range, RADAR-homing Air-to-Air MISSILE (AAM); succeeded by AMRAAM.
fobForward Operational Base
floFamily Liaison Officer
coastguard lookoutMOD6/L
porno for pyrosI heard that Perry was reading a fireworks catalog, and in the middle was a section of porno ads
draw wellSAN
raoRear Area Operations
simply redFirst the band had the name "Red"
gbadGround Based Air Defence
aqAl Qaida
rube goldbergany fantastic complexity or devious arrangement, as an elaborate scheme or impractical construct, that will [barely] function only after great loss and waste; so-called after the improvisational cartoons (1950s) of Reuben Goldberg, which mocked technology and parodied bureaucracy.
academya school or college devoted to specialized instruction or training in a specific subject; an institution dedicated to the advancement of specialized knowledge in a particular field; as derived from the Socratic or Platonic disciplines
afscair force specialty code
sky knightUS Navy F-3D two-engine "night fighter" aircraft used for electronic surveillance and Electronic CounterMeasures (ECM); compare SKYNIGHT.
bftBlue Force Tracking: identifying friendly forces in area
verdiVehicle Electronics Research Defence Initiative (UK)
caddcomputer-aided design and drafting
popular frontan anti-fascist political alliance against reactionary dictatorial governments that was organized by left-wing parties at the behest of the 1935 Communist International; being a precipitating factor in the Spanish Civil War (1936-9) and the collaborative collapse (1936-8) of France [Léon Blum].
taffrailthe upper part of the STERN of a ship, as derived from 'tableau'; see FANTAIL
ordeal treeany of several trees having poisonous seeds, leaves, bark, roots, or the like, that are used in primitive "trials by ORDEAL".
masqMilitary Airlift Squadron; see MATS, MAC, ATC, ATS, AMC, SPACE A.
dreamlandthe unclassified designation for AREA 51 (qv), as the USAF experimental test flight region near Roswell Nevada used for classified aircraft, such as the U-2 DRAGON LADY and the SR-71 BLACKBIRD, which was implemented during the Vietnam-era
wire wormslang for the radio receiver earphone worn by networked security POLICE and by a Personal Defense Specialist (PDS) or a Personal Security Detachment (PSD) when protecting senior officials and headquarters (HQ) installations; compare EARS, see BODYGUARD.
skyraythe Douglas F4D/F-6 fighter aircraft.
sun schSunday School
yankee samurainickname for members of the 306th Language Detachment; composed of Nisei and Sansei, who underwent MILS training, and who then served as translators in the Southwest Pacific and CBI theaters during WWII
immelmanna controlled aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a half loop followed by a half roll, used to gain altitude while reversing the direction of flight; eponymously derived from technique developed by Max Immelmann, a WWI Imperial German PILOT
scStop Cock
chumbawumbaFrom what I heard: The band chose the name from an expiriment done on monkeys
bmsBattlefield management system
rtkreal-time kinematic
mfsbActually stood for Mother F***n' Son of a B***h, but for modesty's sake they changed it to "Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers".
ciwsClose-in weapons system
dndifference in northing
world     The United States.
maskingthe employment of additional transmitters in electronic warfare (EW) so as to obscure or conceal the location or purpose of a particular source of electromagnetic radiation; see ELINT, COUNTERMEASURES.
hunnickname of the North American Rockwell F-100 SUPER SABRE interceptor jet aircraft
flank speedthe maximum possible speed of a ship; in the progression of prescribed standard speeds, an increase faster than full speed
foo gas  A mixture of explosives and napalm usually set in a fifty-gallon drum for Base Defense.
traffic signalCSS - 1:1000
usc&gsUnited States Coast and Geodetic Survey
fac Is a forward air controller; a person who coordinates air strikes
eraexplosive reactive armour
clgpCannon-launched guided projectile (US)
kaavKorean Armoured Amphibious Vehicle
apobsAntipersonnel Obstacle Breaching System
fankForces Armées Nationales Khmer (Cambodian Army)
cosvn(koz-vin) Central Office for South Viet Nam; the communist regional headquarters from 1961, being a forward field command post situated along the Cambodian border, in or near Tay Ninh province; being the objective of the MENU air campaign, and the May-June 1970 Cambodian INCURSION.
leuLauncher Erector Unit
county councilDM
carrier phasethe phase (as measured at the antenna phase center of a GPS receiver) of two sinusoidal radio signals (the two carriers) that are continuously emitted by each GPS satellite
vpVent Pipe
electricity transmission lineDM
suicide alleyslang for the innermost A-ring of the Pentagon, being the corridor immediately surrounding the central GROUND ZERO courtyard; compare WHITE WAY, see PUZZLE PALACE
pllparts load list
the melvinsThey named their band after a mentally handicapped Thriftway employee called Melvin, who liked to climb on roofs.
podPOD stands for Proof Of Death; as in a death certificate
drinking fountainOld List
maag      Military Assistance and Advisory Group.
t-wall(forthcoming); see BLAST WALL, REVETMENT, BANQUETTE [v: Military Earthworks Terms]
chocolate bombardierslang for the pilots and crewmembers who flew the air transports that delivered food and fuel into the blockaded city during the BERLIN AIRLIFT (Jun 1948 - Sep 1949); also known as "candy bombardier".
limp bizkit'Limp Biscuit' is a Scottish game involving guys ejaculating on a biscuit
fwmfFree World Military Forces; see FWF.
rompera person, group, vehicle, or vessel that has moved so far ahead of its unit or formation that it is unable to rejoin its element before nightfall; compare STRAGGLER, UA; see COMBAT SPREAD.
foo fighters"Foo fighters" was what UFOs were called by British and American fighter pilots during World War II
frFlight Reconnaissance
ricky martinAbraham Gutiérrez is right, but Ricky Martin changed his name when joined Menudo
cshcombat support hospital
82mm    VC/NVA mortar round; range 3,040 m; 123 lb tube, base plate, and tripod
counterforcethe strategic employment of air and missile forces in an effort to destroy, or render impotent, selected military capabilities of an enemy force under any of the circumstances by which hostilities may be initiated
mseaadrMainland SouthEast Asia Air Defense Region.
arautomatic rifleman
tbcTo be confirmed
taloTactical Airlift Liaison Officer
spot camoa mottled or dappled disruptive camouflage pattern, including LEOPARD and "duck hunter", flecktarn and "raindrop"; see CAMMIES, CAMO, DRESS.
tcTank Commander, also Truck Commander (US Army)
lcmLanding Craft Mechanized, or Landing Craft Medium; see LANDING CRAFT.
wr twrWater Tower
take a shitsee DUMP, SHIT.
clawsClose combat light armor weapon system (US)
national anthemTHE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, by Francis Scott Key, was composed during the defense of Fort McHenry, 13-14 September 1814; then made National Anthem of the United States of America by a 1916 Executive Order and a 3 March 1931 Act of Congress.
kiakilled in action
usarUnited States Army Reserve; compare AUS, USA.
reference/referring objectMOD6/L-TS
qrfQuick Reaction Force, also called "Quick Reaction Team"; also "Quick Response Force"; see RRF.
orchOrchard (SUSI/SIM/Superplan Products)
push-upan exercise performed from the FRONT LEANING REST or prone position, often directed by the informal command to DROP, to "Hit it!" or "Kiss concrete!", "Push earth!" or "Beat your face!"
hifvHeavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
male call(forthcoming); comic strip featuring Miss Lace by Milton Caniff; spin-off from "Terry and the Pirates"; later created STEVE CANYON; compare GI JOE, SAD SACK; see COMICS, FICTIONAL CHARACTER.
sea bookan unofficial commemorative account of a ship and its crew during a specified period or mission (FLOAT), often including some historical perspective and anecdotal material; resembles a school classbook or yearbook, and is also called "cruise book"
foxtrotthe word assigned to represent the letter "F" in the international phonetic alphabet; at various times in different spelling schemes, it has also been acrophonetically represented as Fox
blrBlindado Ligero de Ruedas
wia       Wounded In Action.
lnLocal national
water boardDM
pelican    Radio call sign for helicopter unit; A Co 123rd  Aviation Bn in general support of the Americal Division; usually C&C personnel; previously referred to 161st AHC
mrbfmean rounds before failure
rorrange only radar
minutemenThe Minutemen were actually named after an ultra-conservative American terrorist group that mailed bomb threats to radicals during the 60's
t-rations(forthcoming); the heat-and-serve Tray-pack Ration (or Tray Ration) was developed in 1983 to provide a unit with the option of supplying a hot meal when cooks were unavailable.
m1a1 / m-1a1universal designation for the first improved version of the basic issue of some (unspecified) military materiel, weapon or vehicle, implement or instrument, gear or clothing, device or other item; see EYE-BALL.
medivac  A dust-off medical evacuation
blue bookthe bound copy of U.S
shoulder strapa strip, displayed as a pair, worn on the shoulder of an officer's uniform to display insignia of rank on a field of the branch color, and bordered in gold; it's never worn with EPAULETs
metallicaThere was a music magazine called "Metallica"
fcsFuture Combat System
heaaHigh-Explosive Anti-Armour
rsafRoyal Small Arms Factory (UK) (now closed)
landing direction indicatora device that visually indicates the direction in which landings and takeoffs should be made
ifrinstrument flight rules
fast packFuel Armament Storage Tank Pack, being a smoothly curved conformable tank that is fitted to the upper side(s) of the EAGLE / STRIKE EAGLE (F-15) or FIGHTING FALCON (F-16) FUSELAGE to permit it to carry extra fuel and equipment without incurring a significant aerodynamic drag penalty.
ttdTransformation Technology Demonstrator
apcnrArmour-piercing composite non-rigid
alice in chainsLayne really loved S&M, and they originally wanted to call the band "Phallus in Chains", but they slightly modified the name so they wouldn't scare off record labels.
cvrCombat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked) (UK)
wr ptWater Point
pt showera quick superficial shower bath; a fast wash that removes (or at least dilutes) the dirt and sweat but doesn't cleanse anyone; the wetting down of undressed unit members by running them through the shower room after exercising but without giving them enough time to use soap
elephant shitan extraordinary amount of CHICKEN SHIT (qv), copious and relentless harassment.
dsaDefense Supply Agency, later renamed Defense Logistics Agency (DLA); see LOGISTICS.
foField Orders (USA)
block the colorsto raise the flag to the top of the mast or flagpole on a HALYARD through a running-block
ilsinstrument landing system
enclave strategythe political commitment of American forces to southeast Asia that was intended to APPEASE the Vietnamese while limiting the risk to military personnel by restricting their exposure to defined base areas IN COUNTRY; a LIMITED WAR liability of half measures, being not unlike the French Indochina strategy, as conceived by Maxwell D
iInformation Centre (tourist symbol)
ngNew/Next Generation
living colourGuitarist Vernon Reid was watching a program on NBC-TV and before it began NBC made a PSA that said that the following program is coming via satellite to your home in stereo where available IN LIVING COLOR
stuartthe M-5 General Stuart, also known as "Honey", a small light TANK having a manual TURRET mounted with a 37mm (SQUIRREL GUN) MAIN-GUN and COAX machinegun (MG), powered by a manually-cranked gasoline engine prone to ignite when hit, that was used early in WWII
outgoing mailindirect fire aimed at enemy positions, as in COUNTERBATTERY FIRE when "sending them a message"; compare IN-COMING.
usaasaUnited States Army Aeronautical Services Agency
usaid     United States Agency for International Development.
republicaIt's simple
mlwsMean Low Water Springs
lillixThe band wanted to be called "Tiger Lilly" but it was already taken
frnpFederal Radio Navigation Plan
fssfFirst Special Service Force; the elite WWII Canadian-American infantry regiment that was nicknamed the "Devil's Brigade" after the unofficial mascot and talisman adopted when their German adversaries called them BLACK DEVILs; the lineage of this WWII AIRBORNE unit (5 July 1942 - 6 Feb 1945) was passed to the U.S
prabPhan Rang Air [Force] Base
fuzzy-wuzzy angela native woman or indigenous female who attends sick and injured MIL-PERS in a tropical hospital; an ethnic woman performing as a practical nurse or nurse's aide for patients in a primitive medical facility; this expression originated on Papua New Guinea during WWII, then spread through the South Pacific and Southeast Asia
fragoFRAGmentary Order
ntNational Trust
cnvdClip-on night vision device
little river bandTraditional history has it that the band were travelling between Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria Australia, en route to a gig
lynch lawsee JUDGE LYNCH.
pParade, Pass, Passage, Path, Place, Passenger
oan honin Vietnamese eschatology, a spirit in purgatory, usually condemned to haunt the region of its death, until released by the beneficence or sacrifice of others
ettembedded training team
pguppage up
inspection hole1:500-Brecon
cargo baythe large central area of a transport vehicle, vessel, or craft in which PAYLOADs and support equipment are carried; also known as "cargo area", "payload bay", or BAY.
hot stuffslang for High Frequency Direction-Finding (HFDF), being a form of RDF.
gopGeneral Out Post
gully or kerb outletCSS - 1:1000
spit 'n' polishslang for shine, spitshine, polish, clean thoroughly; to make spick-and-span or STRAC
mslMean Sea Level
rooneyOriginally named Ed Rooney, the principal from the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.
crCentre of Railway, River, Road
twigto watch or observe, to be alert to or to be made aware of, to notice
tube monkeyslang for an ARTILLERYMAN or artillerist, from the practice of assigning one or two crewmembers to hang from the MAIN-GUN barrel as counterweights so the base can be repositioned by pivoting; see BULLET HEAD, CANNON-COCKER, FAG, REDLEG, CREW-SERVED WEAPONS
assumeto adopt, undertake, or take over the duties and responsibilities of a position or office; as to "assume command" ..
lwmmtLow Water Mark of Medium Tides
hotas(hoe-taz) abbreviation for Hands On Throttle And Stick, being a design feature that carefully arranges all necessary function switches along the throttle and CONTROL STICK in a logical pattern for rapid activation by the aviator during combat operations; see PICKLE, STICK, JOYSTICK, DEAD STICK, VOLPLANE.
espExpanded Security Posture; see SACON, DEFCON, FPCON, GQ, STAND-TO, STAND-DOWN.
cia         Central Intelligence Agency.
ssbSingle SideBand; see RADIO WAVE, RADIO.
svbiedsuicide vehicle-borne IED
thompson twinsThomson and Thompson (Dupont et Dupond) are two bumbling detectives who, although unrelated, look like twins with the only discernible difference being the shape of their moustaches
tango     The military phonetical symbol for the letter T.
travisA character from the movie Paris, Texas
noaaNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
tadTemporary Additional Duty (Naval Services term)Temporary Duty
water closetSAN
lcaLanding Craft Assault, see LANDING CRAFT.
cigarette deck(forthcoming); compare HURRICANE DECK, FLYING BRIDGE; see FAIRWATER, CONNING TOWER, DECK.
amon amarthIt means in Elvish ( a language created by J.R.R
gas govGas Governor
sherbetAustralia's biggest band in the '70s; their one Stateside hit: "Howzat?" "Sherbet" doesn't mean a dessert Down Under- it's beer, mate! (Leader Daryl Braithwaite starred on his own in the '90s.)
atfAmphibious Task Force; see ADVANCE FORCE; compare MAGTF.
issIssues [MSD only]
raison d'etatthat which is for the good of the country; as derived from "reason of state"; also spelled "raison d'état"
honey wagonnickname for a cart or truck that collects HONEY BUCKETs or services LATRINEs.
ivoIn vicinity of
iepgIndependent European Program Group
vmaqMarine Electronic Warfare Attack Squadron
linkin parkThe band Linkin Park's name (before the addition of Chester Bennington) when they first formed in 1996 was Xero, at that point they had made a four track demo tape
hsHeadquarters Squadron - Marine Wing Support Group (USMC)
flt offFlight Officer (Women's Royal Australian Air Force - WRAAF)
litterStretcher used by medics
ofsaOne Size Fits All
rpg-2     NVA/VC 40mm rocket launcher, same as B40, 100m range
behemothIt's creature from the Bible which can be killed only by it's creator.
trptarget reference point
linkin parkThe guys of Linkin Park would hang out at Lincoln Park
patpower-assisted traverse
coup de gracea death blow, especially one delivered mercifully to end suffering; literally a "blow of mercy" [coup de grâce]; also known as "mercy killing"
vbcVéhicule Blindé de Combat (armoured combat vehicle)
lstLanding Ship Tank, also called "Long Slow Target"; see LANDING CRAFT.
cardff/doheny/blackies!Erica: Sunlight silhouette at CardiffErica at DohenyErica x Capt
idiot bombscornful reference by MIL-PERS to the "exploding cherry blossom" that was developed by the Imperial Japanese at the end of WWII from designs for the German V-2 rocket, a supposed successor to kamikaze and floating chrysanthemum suicide aircraft; it was a flying bomb, piloted by a volunteer "thunder god", that carried a 2640# payload in the nose of a winged 20ft missile (AGM) that was launched from a high-altitude bomber to plunge at over 600mph toward its sea level target.
plgrPrecision Global Positioning System Receiver; see VIPER.
kmcRepublic of Korea Marine Corps; compare ROK, USMC.
no-dozeairborne missions to broadcast psychological operations tapes of appeals, music and PROPAGANDA during darkness; play on words from commercial stimulants (caffeine tablets) sold under same name
liberty pole(forthcoming);
golden dragona sailor aboard ship who has crossed the International DATE LINE, at approximately the 180 meridian, and undergone the arcane rites decreed by Neptune's representative for entering the "Realm of the Golden Dragon"; compare INITIATION
philippine insurrectionan ancillary COUNTER-GUERRILLA campaign (1899-1902) of the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR; see BANANA WARS.
unsef   Unknown sized suspected enemy force
secondary fragmentationfragments, usually admixed with the elements of the explosive device, that are made up from TARGET and accessory materials, other than those produced by the device itself
nlos-cNon-Line-of-Sight Cannon, being an experimental autoloading and firing system since 2004 designed for artillery, tank, and mortar guns on mobile chassis using electrothermal energy, which generates more force than solid propellants
the beatlesActually, if any of you had watched the Beatles' documentary movies, you'd know that John (I think that it was him, or possibly Paul) had a dream where God rode down on a flaming pie, and said "Let there be Beatles, with an A!"
counting crowsThe band was named after a line from an old children's story
gasoline alleyan aisle, corridor, PASSAGEWAY, or GANGWAY connecting the BULKHEADs of several fuel storage and engine compartments in the bowels of a ship; see HULL, BLACK GANG.
blue-suiterslang for an Army or Air Force officer wearing the blue CLASS-A uniform; see ASU, GREEN-SUITER, compare EMPTY SUIT.
cfaccCombined Forces Air Component Command.
goq(gee-oh-cue) General Officer's Quarters, also known as Visiting General Officer's Quarters (VGOQ) and as General/Flag Officer's Quarters (GFOQ); compare VOQ, see QTRS.
nkpabbreviation for Nakhon / Nhakon Phanom Air Base Thailand, located across the MeKong River from Takhet Laos; operating as a major communication and electronic warfare base, hosting both Army and USAF special operations forces
rRAC Telephone Box (small scales)
bcdBad Conduct Discharge, which is sardonically known as the "Big Chicken Dinner"; see DISCHARGE
fac-aForward Air Control(er)-Airborne
meat puppetsI had implied that the name came from the William Gibson novel "Neuromancer" yesterday
tree63Origianlly called Tree, this is a Christian band from South Africa
starlifterthe Lockheed-Martin C-141A aircraft, introduced to USAF inventory in 1964, serving in the VIETNAM WAR and Persian GULF WAR, and succeeded by C-17A GLOBEMASTER.
mavdMLRS Aim Verification Device
sapper  VC/NVA soldier w/mission to crawl undetected into position and blow them up Satchel charge a powerful pre-packaged bag of explosives weighing about twenty pounds carried by sappers
tboaviation jargon for Time Before Overhaul.
pmporte mortier (mortar carrier)
accidental attackan unintended attack which occurs without deliberate national design as a direct result of a random event, such as a mechanical failure, a simple human error, or an unauthorized action by a subordinate; see ATTACK
mcnameraa coinage eponymously attributing wartime policies to Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara ..
dugoutShelter made in the wall of a trench, varying from a small area that could only accommodate one man (cubby hole), to a deep dugout, ten or more feet underground.
roof lineMOD6/L
halohigh-altitude, low-opening jumping for insertion of troops behind enemy lines
xoExecutive Officer
touchdown zonethe first 3,000 feet of the runway beginning at the threshold
xcCross Cut
rotc      Reserve Officer Training Corps.
leap frogsthe US Navy SEAL parachute team, a precision aerobatic demonstration team that performed at public ceremonies; later becoming part of the CHUTING STARS; compare GOLDEN KNIGHTS, see PDT.
optempooperational tempo
ucmjUniform Code of Military Justice
bltUSMC Battalion Landing Team, the primary infantry element in the Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU); see BN.
alice in chainsIt's actually in direct relation to the old classic Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland", "Alice in Chains" is a darker perspective indicating the trauma and pain of human existence and the false sense of being free
fhFire Hydrant
rokfvRepublic of Korea Forces Vietnam
hardstand  Is a pierced steel plate (PSP) platform over sand.
sfgspecial forces group
mtrMobile Test Rig (US)
better than ezraHeard the band on LoveLines admit that another emerging group also named themselves Ezra
tp-ttarget practice - tracer
airport elevationthe highest point of an airport's usable runways measured in feet from the MSL
aapcAdvanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
november  The military phonetic symbol for the letter N.
ccircommander’s critical information requirements
linkin parkLinkin Park were originally called Super Xero
mud duckslang for any shallow water sailor, including Marines and COASTIES; also known as a BROWN WATER SAILOR serving in the Mobile Riverine Force (MRF) or "Brown Water Navy"
fieFighter Intercept Exercise, being air combat practice against bombers.
boatswain's chaira wooden plank or canvas seat for a worker, that's hung by one or more ropes (ie: GANTLINE) over the side of a ship's rail, deck, bridge, and the like.
brac/rgBracken and Rough grassland on SUSI/SIM/Superplan Products
battery  Is an artillery unit equivalent to a company
fnk(ef-en-kay) literally a Fuckin' New Kid; see FNG, CHERRY, NEWBEE, FRESH CATCH, CHUM, NUGGET.
nva       North Vietnamese Army
ios  Integrated Observation System GVQ-10–a tripod mounted large night vision scope with laser range finder effective to 2,000 meters and 50 power binoculars effective to 10,000 meters used to detect enemy personnel and movement
young men's christian associationDM
140mm  NVA electrically fired 87lb HE rocket 4 ft long; 10,607m range
option ivUS plan to evacuate Saigon.
slrSelf-Loading Rifle
surface blockMOD6/L-TS
jump cpa temporary command post (CP), established for a brief operation or preparatory to a main command post (CP) displacement, normally including only the personnel and equipment necessary to control the immediate operation
information centreCSS
rltRegimental Landing Team
cv90Combat Vehicle 90
03 / zero-threethe Marine ZERO-THREE infantry series military specialty (MOS) designation that is widely referred to as "Oh-Three" (letter-numeral); that's equivalent to the Army 11B ("Eleven Bravo", "Eleven Bang", or "Eleven Bush") designation
fsoFlying Safety Officer
emdEngineering and Manufacturing Development
travisThat "cabdriver from Hollywood" was actually the Robert DeNiro character from the movie TAXI DRIVER
viet minhViet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, or the Vietnamese Allied Independence League
interdiction firedirect and/or indirect fire placed at a point or brought to bear on an area so as to deny enemy access, use, or occupation.
silversteinAfter the famous children's book author, Shel Silverstein.
kopeckan aluminum-bronze coin of Russia, the Soviet Union, and its successor states, being the 100th part of a RUBLE; also spelled kopek or copeck, as derived from the diminutive for 'spear' or 'lance', so-called from the lance with which the figure on the coin was armed
plsPalletised Load System (US)
wdiwind-direction instrument
steel beachNavy slang for OFF-DUTY relaxation and recreation while on-board ship, as distinguished from visiting the real beach while on Liberty/PASS
efvsElectronic Fighting Vehicle System (US)
national marchSTARS AND STRIPES FOREVER, composed by John Philip Sousa (c1897), was proclaimed the national march of the United States of America on 10 December 1987 by an Act of Congress.
silverchairThey actually were going to be called something else but Chris (one of the members) accidentially wrote "silverchair" on the contract & it stuck
gritsthis christian rap group stands for Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit
bnccBase network control center
fasgFirst Assistant Secretary (General)
jump towera construction used in JUMP SCHOOL to train aspiring parachutists in the proper method of exiting an airplane or of steering a deployed PARACHUTE before the final phase of actual parachuting; compare VWT.
flirabbreviation for aircraft-mounted Forward-Looking InfraRed (also represented as: Forward Looking Infrared Radar); see IR, RED HAZE; compare LRAS3.
herahigh-explosive rocket-assisted
saltStrategic Arms Limitation Talks (or Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)
sepSoldier Enhancement Programme
double standardany rule applied differently to individuals, or any set of principles interpreted differently among groups; inequitable discrimination or anti-social bias; prejudice or bigotry
eastpacNavy and Coast Guard term for Eastern Pacific operations, which extended from the homewaters off the coast of North America; part of Pacific Fleet (PACFLT).
gas column1:500
agent bluea water-based herbicide; being a non-systematic desiccant that's used primarily against grasses, taking effect in 24-48 hours and killing leaves in 2-4 days; see AGENT ORANGE, RANCH HAND, CBR, BOONIES
omouter marker
hedphigh explosive dual purpose
vnaf      South Vietnamese Air Force.
imintIMage INTelligence, information developed from various imaging techniques.
fd hyg coyField Hygiene Company (Vietnam War)
mini-poundersmall RADAR transmitter used to mark locations on the ground for radar-carrying aircraft.
det ringDetector Ring
vakVehicle Adaptor Kit
obaOxygen Breathing Apparatus; being a rebreathing device, with mask and goggles, providing a source of clean air for working (eg: firefighting, evacuation) in a smoke-filled environment; compare EEBD, SCUBA, GAS MASK.
green dayOne day, the members of Green Day, at the time, got so high, that everything looked green
the fratellisThe name of the band is an homage to the founder, Barry's, last name
victor    Military phonetic symbol for the letter V.
pow       Prisoner of War.
mMarsh, Mere, Moat
dfcsdigital fire-control system
usaf      United States Air Force.
bush hankythe absence of a handkerchief; the practice of blowing one's nose without the use of a handkerchief or bandana, facial tissue or wipe, which is performed by occluding one nostril by pressing on the outside of the nare while vigorously blowing through the other nasal passage
sramShort Range Attack Missile, an inertially guided attack MISSILE with a nuclear WARHEAD that's launched from strategic bombers (eg: B-52, B-1, FB-111, B-2, etc).
cnlCouncil (not in conjunction with county)
pmProduct Manager
occupyto take possession and control of a place, to militarily seize and hold a position, to capture and secure a territory.
iocinitial operational capability
pabdPay Entry Base Date
a-teamIs a basic ten man team of the U.S
sa-2      Medium-range Soviet surface to air missile.
confidentiala delimiter qualifying duplication and restricting distribution of CLASSIFIED documents; see NEED TO KNOW, COMPARTMENTALIZATION.
ams-hAdvanced Missile System – Heavy
no sweat  Easy, can do.
usaUnited States of America/United States Army
stStaff Target
mighty mighty bosstonesOrigianlly this Boston based band was named The Bosstones
peacockdesignation for Pleiku CRP
open doorthe establishment of equal commercial access to certain territories by the major economic powers, variously applied to the Congo and Manchuria, but was initially based upon the "most favored nation" clause in the treaty terms imposed on Imperial China after the Opium War (1839-42); terminated after WWII by the People's Republic of China (PRC)
osOut Stipple (SUSI/SIM Products)
fuzzy-wuzzy / fuzzy-buzzya British referant of the 19th century for any non-white native, especially a South Seas islander, being a term more descriptive than derogatory; see INDIG, LITTLE BROWN BROTHER
pPost Office (small scales)
nmcsscNational Military Command System Support Center.
vcgVéhicule de Combat du Genie (armoured engineer vehicle)
sopstanding operating procedure
fn/wFelt Nail and Washer
harrierthe McDonnell-Douglas AV-8/AV-8B /-R USMC vertical take-off attack jet is an American copy of the British Harrier; see VTOL, BIRD.
aefAllied expeditionary force
bmrBlindado Medio de Ruedas
slow motion    Radio call sign for a LOH OH6A from the 198th Infantry Brigade Aviation section
linkin parkReferring to the 'chain linkin' concrete
umcpunit maintenance collection point
mevmedical evacuation vehicle (US)
monumentany object or collection of objects that indicate the position on the ground of a survey station
asdic(az-dick) a form of echolocating SONAR, which is an acoustic pulse sent in water with its return measured as a distance and response angle, that's used to detect SUBMARINEs, as developed by the British in 1917; being an acronym for Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee, but also represented as the "Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee"
right ascensionthe angular distance that is measured eastward on the equator from the vernal equinox to the hour circle through the celestial body, from 0 to 24 hours
sphsspecially prepared hard surface
telarTransporter-Erector-Launcher And Radar
hepdhigh-explosive point detonating
sausage sidereference by Coalition aircrew to the GULF WAR target area where "non-friendlies" are turned into small bits (ground meat, hamburger) suitable only for sausage-making.
insert / insertionto place or advance a unit or element in any operational area, often by air-assault; contrasted with EXTRACTION
gomerNorth Vietnamese troops; see LUKE THE GOOK, BO DOI, PAVN, CHARLIE
snap-in / snapping-inMarine expression for either the DRY FIRE familiarization of SMALL ARMS or the ZERO calibration of sights on a firearm or gun by the adjustment of elevation and windage; see BASS, BORESIGHT, DEFLECTION, BULL'S-EYE, SIGHT PICTURE.
break squelchto send a "click-hiss" signal on a radio by depressing the push-to-talk button without speaking, used by OPs, LPs, LRPs and others when actually speaking into the microphone might reveal or compromise their position
hdHonorable Discharge; see RUPTURED DUCK, BTDT, DISCHARGE
bat / battthis slang term is an informal and unofficial truncation of battalion (BN), and does not refer to an artillery battery (BTY); it has also been misused in the plural (bats / batts) to misrepresent battalions (BNs) or batteries (BTYs).
bodysurfTwo of my photos were used on this sick bodysurfing site from Australia, check all the photos in the feature at...Bodysurfing!
guns n' rosesNamed after original guitarist Tracii Guns (who later started L.A
phantom limbthe subjective experience of sensations [pseudesthesia] arising from a peripheral part that's been removed from the body, which is due to the fact that the amputation has not destroyed the neural representation of the missing extremity, particularly in the cortex; hence, many amputees have feelings (including itch and tickle, temperature and pressure) that are attributed to this absent part; this illusion of a subjective sensation not arising from an external stimulus is also called "stump hallucination"
breakweatherany makeshift shelter or protective refuge; see COLD CAMP, FLY CAMP, HUT, BOLT HOLE, HIDE
shipshapeeverything in proper order, trim and tidy; also called SALTY
pol hoPolice House
poa&mPlan Of Action & Milestones
sskSingle Shot Kill
ltrabbreviation for "letter"; compare LO, see SUBJ, ENCL.
dtg Date/Time/Group; example: 6am 12 June 1968 = DTG 120600 June -68.
m34       US White Phosphorus coke-can shaped grenade w/incendiary filling w/25 m casualty radius
joy divisionIn WWII the Joy Division were a league of women forced to prostitute themselves or be sent to concentration camps
hydrogen bombsee H-BOMB.
sgrid distance
usms(forthcoming); United States Maritime Service
packetC-82 cargo aircraft; see BIRD.
reilrunway end identifier light
connex container Corrugated metal packing crate, approximately 8' x 8' x 8' high.
admiral's gestapoNaval Investigative Service (NIS); Navy equivalent of Air Force OSI and Army CID
parprecision approach radar
rtrelocated threshold
pony expressUSAF 20th Special Operations Squadron; based at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base in support of LIMA SITE 85 and other special operations.
mtmechanical time
extremeSinger Gary Cherone and drummer Paul Geary had been in a band named "the Dream" together
s:Size (in relation to S, A, L, T)
nirvavathis is right from the book 1 : the final beatitude that transcends suffering, karma, and samsara and is sought especially in Buddhism through the extinction of desire and individual consciousness 2 a : a place or state of oblivion to care, pain, or external reality; also : BLISS, HEAVEN b : a goal hoped for but apparently unattainable : DREAM
fapdsFrangible Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot
dfsDefense Forces Support; see SDF, SSDF, PSDF.
toolIn a 1994 interview, Danny said that the band's name stands for how they want their music to be a tool to aid in understanding lachrymology ("the study of crying").
better than ezraHUGE BTE fan here
falFusil Automatique Légère
katnabbreviation for "Kick Ass Take Names", which is the function and unofficial motto of the military police; see AP, MP, QC, SP.
irIron Rod
marinesan acronym used by ground troops in Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF) meaning "Many Americans Running Into Never Ending Shit"; compare MARINE, USMC.
gcaground-controlled approach
ekiaEnemy killed in action
tarcapTarget Combat Air Patrol; also spelled "Tar-CAP" and "Tar CAP"
ephemeris timea uniform measure of time that is defined by the laws of dynamics and determined in principle from the orbital motions of the planets, specifically in the orbital motion of the earth
alice in chainsThere was once a girl named Alice, she was neighbor of the lead singer
fmcField Maintenance Centre
y-codethe military's classified, encrypted precision code
aikAssistance In Kind, or Aid In Kind; being the direct contribution of goods and services, instead of indirect monetary aid.
boundary post or plateDM
tet offensiveA major uprising of the National Liberation Front, their sympathizers, and NVA characterized by a series of coordinated attacks against military installations and provincial capitals throughout Vietnam
eeerror in easting
wpbdesignation for a USCG Patrol Boat; with "W" representing Coast Guard, and "PB" denoting Patrol Boat
zulumilitary phonetic for the letter 'Z'
fridge flatSpace which houses the ships main refrigerators and cool rooms
ceipCommunications Electronics Implementation Plan; also, CEIPA for Comm Electr Implement Plan Amendment.
brfBrigade Reconnaissance Force
broncoNorth American OV-10 Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) fixed-wing aircraft, used for forward air control (FAC) and SPECIAL OPERATIONS.
molly hatchetIn a mid-seventies interview, I heard a band member say that he was trying to remember the name of the famous ax-murderess, Lizzie Borden, and came up with "Molly Hatchet"
vtpvéhicule transport de personnel (personnel carrier)
glow sticksee LIGHT STICK.
lvsLightweight Video Sight
pbmdesignated US Navy Patrol Bomber [nb: the "M" identified the manufacturer: Martin]; this twin-prop gull-winged seaplane was adapted to landing or take-off from ice or snow, sea or land during and after the WWII-era; this bomber was also used for surveillance, transport, and rescue flights; the PBM used Jet Assisted Take-Off (JATO) for lift when fully loaded; also known as "flying gas can" and "big ugly fucker" (BUF)
sea wolfUSN helicopter designation
strategic hamlet program  A controversial pacification and village self-defense program implemented by the Diem government that attempted to turn all sixteen thousand South Vietnamese hamlets into fortified compounds.
moby grapeWhat's purple and floats in the sea? According to guitarist Peter Lewis, the punchline to the above 60's joke was the brainstorm of bassist Bob Moseley and guitarist Skip Spence.
monkey mountain(forthcoming); Radio Relay (RR) site near CCN/FOB#4 compare MARBLE MOUNTAIN, BLACK LADY MOUNTAIN.
zshort for DMZ, LZ, DZ, PZ, RZ; also expressed as "the Z".
job for a cowboyOriginally, they wanted their name to be "This is a Job for a Cowboy" but it was too long.
gavin(forthcoming); see APC, TRACK.
credibility gapa perceived discrepancy between words and deeds, a disparity between statements and behavior, a variance between propositions and actual performance; a mistrust of authority, or a lack of confidence by the public in the proclamations of government or business
modes 'n' codesrhyming slang for the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder codes broadcast (SQUAWK) by aircraft.
nirvanaNirvana got their name from an earlier not-so-succesful, local band of the 80's, then after the original band named Nirvana broke up, Kurt Cobain and the other guys picked Nirvana as their new band name, now that it was available.
tyler warrenPickle slaying it on a 54" Pendoflex "Rubber Ducky" Film clips: Tyler Warren Experiments
cincusarpacCommander-In-Chief, US Army Pacific; see USARPAC
green dayI once read in a magazine that once a week, the band members would read Ninja Turtles comics and watch the tv show (They called it a Green Day)
metallicaLars Ulrich stole it from a man that was trying to form a metal fanzine
millencolinAll of them beig skaters (appart from Larzon the drummer) they named themselvs after the skateboarding trick the "melancholy" but changed some of the letters to sound like a band name
countersurveillanceall measures, active or passive, taken to counteract hostile surveillance; also known as "counter-recon" or COUNTERRECONNAISSANCE.
cruise booksee SEA BOOK; compare AIRBORNE ALBUM.
ergpextended range guided projectile
fciFighter Combat Instructor
cisChartered Industries of Singapore
status of forces agreementsee SOFA; compare CIVIL AFFAIRS AGREEMENT.
color guardmilitary personnel who carry and escort the national standard, flag, or COLORS during PARADE or review; also called "flag guard"
fps(ef-pee-ess) Federal Protective Service, being the force of security guards that monitor and patrol government installations; also known as "square-badge" or "rent-a-cop"; compare PDS, PSD, USSS, BODYGUARD; see SENTRY, POLICE.
quebec    Military phonetic symbol for the letter Q.
peacenik(forthcoming) a derogatory reference that ridicules their preoccupation with a cause or agenda; [cf: nudnik]
green dayIn numerous interviews, including Alternative and Kerrang, Green Day has cited the meaning of their name
mcMinor Control
wind electricity generatorDM
the porkersPorkers were once called the 'Pork Hunts' They had to change the name because it was simply too offensive.
wWall, Weir, Well
eaakEnhanced Appliqué Armor Kit (US)
apheArmour-piercing high explosive
wooden post1:1056
copCombat outpost
khabbreviation for KeyHole, the series of surveillance and intelligence gathering satellites that can produce high quality photographs; as derived from intrusively revealing, as if spied through a private keyhole.
agAdjutant General
ricky martinHis real name is: Enrique Martin Morales (IV)
roesee RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, being the procedures and restrictions on the conduct of a combat operation.
ccuCentral control unit
clearwayan area beyond the takeoff runway that is under the control of airport authorities where terrain or fixed obstacles may not extend above specified limits (these areas may be required for turbine-powered operations and the size and upward slope of the clearway will differ depending on when the aircraft was certified)
seditionany speech or action that promotes discontent or incites rebellion against the duly constituted authority, being a violation of Article 94 of the Punitive Articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice; see RIOT ACT, TREASON, PUNITIVE ARTICLES, UCMJ
sewocSigint Electronic Warfare Operational Centre
pass in reviewthe command-phrase commencing the PARADE of arrayed units past the assembled dignitaries on the "reviewing stand"; as distinguished from TROOP THE LINE, during which the officials review the arrayed units by walking or riding before them along the PARADE GROUND
isinternal security
access control pointsee ACP.
freeThe name was given to them by British blues artist Alexis Korner.
chinook  CH-47 helicopter
lcsLoader Control System
true believera fanatical opponent, being the equivalent of a zealot who regards communism as a new secular religion, or a devotee of an exclusive faith
european assemby constituencyMOD6/L
voco(vee-oh-see-oh) Verbal Order of the Commanding Officer, used to document verbal authorization after the fact; sometimes represented as "Verbal Order of the Commanding General" (VOCG)
big bangThis Korean boy band's name is based on the Big Bang theory of origin
8 in    US artillery 8 inches in diameter; 16,800 m range; 470 m radius HE shell damage
sharonslang for the synthesized female voice with a 5000-word vocabulary that is the interactive speech input/output device (also touch and cursor accessible) for the COCKPIT crewmembers to operate the flight, armaments, and surveillance computers on an aircraft; so-called for its resemblance to the voice of actress Sharon Vonne Stone, it's the successor to BITCHIN' BETTY.
fdtField Distribution Terminal (telephone services)
wgs 72World Geodetic System 1972
fairwayan unobstructed passage or area, being the navigable portion of a waterway.
eebdEmergency Escape Breathing Device; being a clear plastic hood with a small air cylinder that's designed to enable people to vacate a smoke-filled compartment to exit outdoors within 5-8 minutes; compare OBA, SCUBA, GAS MASK.
ngfsNaval GunFire Support (with 5" to 16" shells), shore bombardment.
ckyDeron Miller, the lead singer, was always into horror movies and thought it would be the perfect title to a movie, but instead used it for a band name
irst(erst) InfraRed Search and Track, or InfraRed Sighting and Tracking; being an electronic weapons system for fighter aircraft that detects heat energy, transmitting target direction (ie: BEARING, AZIMUTH) to the weapon's control system; also represented as InfraRed Search and Track System (IRSTS)
nconon-commissioned officer
rcagRegional Corps Assistance Group
pz   Pickup zone for aircraft (see LZ)
intelligencera person working with codes and ciphers; a cryptographer, cryptanalyst, cryptologist, or crypter; Vietnamese term: Mat Ma Vien
hstvHigh-Survivability Test Vehicle (Lightweight) (US)
collective soulthe awesome band got their name from a poem (forgot who did it) which said that ,"the soul will be collective," and they thought that their band was so good so they would be 'collecting souls'
s1Adjutant (United States Army)
bluesA quick reaction force of US Infantry soldiers, the Aero Rifle Platoon, F Troop, 8th Cav, air lifted into battle
farts 'n' dartsrhyming slang for the clouds and lightning decoration on the visor of service caps worn by U.S
nvesdNight Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
apgmAutonomous precision-guided munition
burn bagthe secure container that's used to collect and remove classified documents and other sensitive materials that are scheduled for destruction, usually on a daily basis
oif(oyef) Operation Iraqi Freedom, conducted from 19 March 2002 to 1 May 2003; sometimes called GULF WAR II or "Gulf War Part Two", and is sarcastically called the "Baghdad urban renewal project"; and also refers to the continuing WAR ON TERROR in the SANDBOX after the "mission accomplished" announcement that was supposed to be the "end of major hostilities" (officially concluded by the final withdrawal of American forces on 31 Dec 2011), which is also referred to as "Operation Iraqi Freedom Part Two" or "OIF2" / "OIF II"
isogonic charta chart that features a system of isogonic lines, each for a different value of the magnetic declination
road houseDM
bb1969The Blue Book - Instructions to Draughtsmen, Examiners and Area Revisers, Fourth Edition, 1969
triangulation pillarMOD6/L
sigur rosthe name of the band, sigur r蟪瑺is actually the name of j螽畅's little sister, except it's spelled sigurr蟪疇she was born at the same time as the band formed
moab(mow-ab) Massive Ordnance Airburst Bomb, or Massive Ordnance Air Blast; being a satellite-guided MISSILE that generates a mushroom cloud; with the acronym widely re-interpreted as the "Mother Of All Bombs".
light showalso called "sound and light show"; see FIREWORKS, LOOM, WATERWORKS.
mrsiMultiple Round Simultaneous Impact
d-noticean official request by British Commonwealth governments that's sent to publishers and publications inviting them to withhold sensitive information for reasons of state security; also represented as "D notice" as a truncation of D(efense) notice
cobra       An assault helicopter, AG-1H.
fanyFirst Aid Nursing Yeomanry
zero-sumdenoting a system in which the sum of the gains equals the sum of the losses; as a "zero-sum game", wherein the wins and losses of the various players always balances to zero.
co of cityCounty of City
shoradShort-Range Air Defence System
church of englandDM
pPromenade, Precinct
sa        Systems Analysis.
fitrepa contraction of FITness REPort, being the Navy and Marine form for the evaluation of personal skills and performance of officers, as required for retention in service; see EER, NCOER, OER.
whipsawa double play, a two victory win, or a triumph over two opponents is called a "whipsaw"; therefore, being simultaneously attacked by two adversaries is to be "whipsawed", or double teamed
the lit-up gooseAnyways, the true story is that they were eating next to a pond, when Alan took out some Fillet-Mignion and was OWNED by a goose, and then a lamp lit up, so they were like, The Lit-Up Goose.
the pixiesSimply by Joey rifling through a dictionary
jstars(jay-stars) Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.
fcFire Control
nvsNight Vision System
c2command and control
apdsArmour-piercing discarding sabot
tlcI just wanted to comment on LeLe's because Left-Eye got her name from wearing a condom over her left eye to encourage safe sex.
bctBrigade combat team (US)
lkpLoader Keyboard Panel
seaticSouthEast Asia Translation and Interpreter Command, a combined British and American organization in WWII; see DLI.
nfiNot Further Identified
leadersee LDR.
cCauseway, Chase, Circle, Circus, Close
observersee Observer Controller (OC), UMPIRE.
the policeIn interviews, Stewart Copeland often joked that they called themselves The Police due to all the free publicity they would get around the world.
lswLight Support Weapon
startleSurveillance and Target Acquisition Radar for Tank Location and Engagement (US)
jackacronym representing Joint Advisory Commission Korea, an interservice unconventional warfare (UW) or guerrilla operations unit affiliated with the CIA during the KOREAN WAR
ladslight air defense system (US)
iron trianglean enemy sanctuary in IIICTZ / III CORPS region near Ben Suc; adjacent to WAR ZONE C; see CEDAR FALLS
comsata COMmunications SATellite, as produced by Communications Satellite Corporation
udUndesirable Discharge, as for unsuitability; see SECTION EIGHT, DISCHARGE
svccontraction of SerViCe.
passage to freedomthe operational name for the evacuation of Vietnamese refugees fleeing south during the partition of INDOCHINA from 14 August 1954 to May 1955
acavpAdvanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform (UK)
sharkslang for COBRA or SEA COBRA.
missilemansomeone who works on, launches, or operates guided MISSILEs; also known as "missileer"
kemKinetic Energy Missile (US)
pn/wPipe Nail and Washer
night hawk    The name for the area and the armed helicopter patrolling it with night vision capability, a large searchlight, a 7.62mm mini-gun, and M-60 machine guns; flown by F Troop, 8th Cav (Blue Ghosts)
camgCivil Affairs and Military Government; see USAID, CA, CAP, CAT.
civcasCivilian casualties
parasolCIA funding program for CIDG PARAMILITARY troops; see SWITCHBACK.
he-frag-fshigh-explosive fragmentation - fin-stabilised
dwDouble Wall [LS drafting guide only]
fpFoot Path
btuBullet trap universal
ait         Advanced Individual Training.
tcmdtransportation-control and movement document
f brFoot Bridge
magnetic variationDM
chinookBoeing CH-47 twin-engine, large (12-ton) capacity, transport or cargo helicopter operational since 1962; also called HOOK, "Shit Hook", or "Flying Oscar" (after Oscar Meyer wiener)
dpwDirectorate of Public Works
yuanthe basic monetary unit of currency in China, as derived from circular or round ("chin yuan"); compare YEN; see TAEL, SYCEE, RENMINBI, LEGAL TENDER.
fire controlsee Weapons Control Status (WCS).
civil affairs agreementan agreement governing the relationship between allied armed forces located in a friendly country and the civil authorities and people of that country; compare SOFA, DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY
gmlrsGuided Multiple Launch Rocket System
grunt Is an infantryman, originally slang for a Marine fighting in Vietnam but later applied to any solder fighting there.
upsuniversal polar stereographic
afsvarmoured fire support vehicle
nfovNarrow Field Of View
sincgarsSingle-Channel Ground-to-Air Radio System
polpetroleum, oil, and lubricants

Значит, это не Дэвид. Сьюзан почувствовала, что у нее перехватило дыхание. Она лишь хотела знать, что человек, которого она любит, в безопасности. Стратмор, в свою очередь, тоже сгорал от нетерпения, но подругой причине.

Если Дэвид и дальше задержится, придется послать ему на помощь кого-то из полевых агентов АНБ, а это было связано с риском, которого коммандер всеми силами хотел избежать.