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Clive Dilnot Essay Writing

Clive Dilnot is professor of design studies in the School of Art and Design History and Theory at Parsons The New School for Design, which he joined in 2002 as Senior Associate Dean in Academic Affairs. Previously, he was professor of design studies and Director of Design Initiatives at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and taught at Harvard University and at universities and colleges in England, Hong Kong, and Australia. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Technology, Sydney; the University of Illinois, Chicago; and Rhode Island School of Design. He has lectured, given keynote addresses, and acted as visiting critic at universities worldwide.

Originally educated as a fine artist, Dilnot later began studying social philosophy and the sociology of culture with Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. Dilnot has worked on the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts in their broadest terms. Although his teaching and writing has focused on design history, criticism, and theory, Dilnot’s scholarship includes the study of ethics—a subject he addressed in his book Ethics? Design?, published in 2005—and the role of design capabilities in creating a humane world.

Apart from design topics, Dilnot has also written and taught in fields ranging from aesthetics and art theory to photography, the decorative arts, museums and their framing of objects, architecture and architectural theory, the economics of the current crisis, and the question of how we can contend, culturally, with the world we have made.

Below you can find new and old writing from The Studio at the Edge of the World.
Design Philosophy and …
Thinking for another climate; a new political imagination; beyond the peace discourse …..
These are some of the more focused concerns The Studio will pursue from mid 2018 to 2019 thereby extending design philosophy beyond the scope of the former DPP journal. This will be done by inviting selected thinkers to write essays in response to provocative position papers.
Studio Associates Publications

Professor Timothy Jachna
Managing (with) the Unmanageable City. This is a paper based on work with MDes (Urban Environments) students at Hong Kong Polytechnic University published on Cybernetics: state of the art, by Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, ISBN 978-3-7983-2953-9 (ISSN 2567-4641). Our upcoming annual conference of the American Society for Cybernetics "Framing Reality and How It Matters in a Shared World", American Society for Cybernetics 2018, August 15-19, Chicago Illinois. (Tony Fry is vice-president of this organisation and part of the organising committee). Call for participation is open, abstracts are due March 1, 2018.
Professor Frances Whitehead
Civic Experiments: Tactics for Praxis - Situation Cultural Knowledge. This paper addresses the role of those artists seeking to extend their practice beyond how its defined by the culture industry in order to engage pressing socio-environmental needs. Published in Forty-Five - A journal of Outside Research, July 2017
Associate Professor Philippe d'Anjou
Design Ethics beyond Duty and virtue, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.
Professor Arturo Escobar
Autonómía y diseño, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Tinta Limón, 2017. (English edition forthcoming)
Design Philosophy Papers Archive
Design Philosophy Papers (DPP) was a refereed online journal published between 2003 and 2017 aiming to advance critical thinking on design and the-world-as-designed. The issues were organised according to themes like: design and power; design ethics; design and the global south; technology as environment;  re-materialization; user-centred design; sacred design, and many more. There are more than 140 papers in the archive available for download. Read more about Design Philosophy Papers and why it stopped publishing here.

Design Philosophy Papers was published by Team D/E/S Publications. In later years it was distributed by Bloomsbury, then Routledge/Taylor & Francis. Editorial introductions are usually by Anne-Marie Willis and most Issues have papers by Tony Fry. 
Volume 1, Issue, 2003 – UNSUSTAINABILITY
The rhetoric of sustainability has proliferated, offering little more than catch phrases and techno-principles … something else more fundamental needs to happen before instrumental solutions could even begin to be effective. 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Opening Lines

Ezio Manzini, Scenarios of Sustainable Wellbeing
Augustin Berque, The Idea of Disurbanity
Tony Fry, The Voice of Sustainment: an introduction
Tony Fry, Watch this Space: Introducing Hot Debate

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2003 – BEAUTY
Why beauty matters; tainted beauty; beauty-in-use.
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Tainted Beauty

Karsten Harries, Why Beauty Matters

Cameron Tonkinwise, Beauty-in-Use
Tony Fry, Why Philosophy?

William McNeill, Approaching the Sustainment with Heidegger
Tony Fry & Clive Dilnot, Manifesto for Redirective Desig (hot debate)
Volume 1, Issue 3, 2003 – MEDIAGE
“Mediage” gropes towards naming what were once thought of as technologies of representation, but which now are more cogently thought of as technologies of mediation that are constitutive of modes of being  … 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Mediage

Tony Fry, Televisual Designing

Abby Mellick Lopes, Televisual Anaesthesia

Daniel Palmer, The Paradox of User Control

Tony Fry, Touching the Wall of Silence (hot debate)
Tony Fry & Clive Dilnot, Manifesto for Redirective Design (hot debate) (replay)
Graeme Byrne, Wittgensteinian Mechanics (review of Bucciarelli, Engineering Philosophy)
Volume 1, Issue 4, 2003 – TECHNOLOGY AS ENVIRONMENT
We are not just designers of technology but ourselves the consequences of technological design … 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Technology as Environment
Aidan Davison, Rapt in Technology
Nicholas Makelburge, Computing Against the Grain
Tony Fry, Elimination by Design

Ezio Manzini & Francois Jegou, Sustainable Everyday
Tony Fry, The Impossible
Victor Margolin, Urban Underside(review of Florian Böhm, Luca Pizzaroni, Wolfgang Scheppe Endcommercial ® Reading the City)

Anne-Marie Willis, Chimeral Cities (review of Joan Ramon Resina & Dieter Ingenschay eds After-Images of the City)
Volume 1, Issue 5, 2003 – DESIGN-TIME
Design and Time, plus the challenges of design education.
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Design Time and Design Education
John Wood, Designing Clocks to Sustain Synergy
Francesca Spanedda, 4D city
Wolfgang Jonas, Design, Time and Not Knowing
Ken Friedman, Design Education in the University: A Philosophical and Socio-Economic Inquiry
Hazel Clark, How, What and Who Should We Teach?
Gregory Ulmer, Design Education and Electracy
Tony Fry, Dead Institution Walking: The University, Crisis, Design and Remaking
Abby Mellick Lopes, The Politics of Design Conversations (review of Victor Margolin Politics of the Artificial)

Tony Fry, The Dialectic of Sustainment
Volume 1, Issue 6, 2003/2004 – DESIGN’S OTHER
How can this other design and designing be made visible and engaged without being measured against Eurocentric norms? 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Design’s Other
Stanislaus Fung, Here and There in Yuan Ye

Samer Akkach, Design and the Question of Eurocentricity
Francois-Xavier Nzi iyo Nsenga, Beyond McWorld Design
Kati Reijonen, Design and Developing Countries
Tony Fry, Betwixt Design’s Others
Victor Margolin, Re-visioning Design Practice
Abby Mellick Lopes, Design as Politics
Tony Fry, Design and the Political
Cameron Tonkinwise, Designing Philosophically(review: Vilem Flusser The Shape of Things: A Philosophy of Design)

Tony Fry, An Other Economy
Volume 2, Issue 1, 2004 – USER-CENTRED DESIGN
Should the user be regarded as an authority on use or as an effect of use? 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: User-centred design
Paul Rothstein & Michelle Tornello Shirey, User-Centred Research: a status report
Stella Boess, Designing Towards Ways of Living
Raija Halonen, Users, Not Necessarily Choosers
Peter Lloyd, Paradox of the Average
Tony Fry, Design, The Other and the Ethical
Anders Rønnau, Obscuring Design Philosophy through the Misuse of Physics (hot debate) 

Anne-Marie Willis, Open Door or Closed Shop?(review: Nelson & Stolterman The Design Way)
Tony Fry, The Cultural Politics of Politics of Nature(review: Bruno Latour Politics of Nature)
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2004 – DESIGN ETHICS
There is an ethical abyss at the heart of many of the advocated approaches to design
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Design Ethics
Sean Donahue, Discipline Specific Ethics
Carla Martins Cipolla, Tourist or Guest: designing tourism experiences or hospitality relations?
 Jack Elliott, Reconciling Eco-Ethics and Aesthetics
Cameron Tonkinwise, Ethics by Design, or the Ethos of Things
Tony Fry, Design Ethics as Futuring
John Wood, More Synergy Needed(hot debate – reply to Anders Rønnau)
Volume 2, Issue 3, 2004 – REMATERIALIZATION part 1
Three inter-connected aspects of de/re/materialisation: environments, things and bodies. 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: De/re/materialisation
Albert Borgmann, Information & Inhabitation: toward an architecture of disclosure & enclosure
Cameron Tonkinwise, Is Design Finished? dematerialisation & changing things
Tony Fry, Rematerialisation as a Prospective Project
Anne-Marie Willis, Imperatives Effaced (hot debate) 
Volume 2 Issue 4, 2004 – URBOCENTRISM
To name urbocentrism as a problem doesn’t necessarily imply that there must be some uncorrupted space, place, or way of life beyond the urban. 
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Urbocentrism
Tony Fry, From Urbocentrism to Hyperurbanism
Aidan Davison, Street Lights at the End of the Universe
Augustin Berque, Inauthenticity of home, insecurity at heart
Tony Fry, Lights Out(debate – reply to Aidan Davison)
Tony Fry, On Design Intelligence
Volume 3 Issue 1, 2005  – SCENARIOS
Ezio Manzini, Interviewed on Scenarios for Sustainability
Anne-Marie Willis, Scenarios, Futures and Design
Tony Fry, The Scenario of Design
Anne-Marie Willis, Reviews in Brief:Manzini/Jegou Sustainable Everyday; Jonas/Meyer-Veden Mind the Gap; The Archeworks Papers
Volume 3 Issue 2, 2005 – REMATERIALIZATION part 2
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: De/re/materialisation (contra-futures) – take two
Johan Redström, On Technology as Material in Design
Wolfgang Jonas, Dematerialisation through Body Orientation
Tony Fry & Anne-Marie Willis, Ecologies of Steel: an introduction
Albert Borgmann, Information & Inhabitation: toward an architecture of disclosure & enclosure: (repeat from Vol 2, Issue 3)
Cameron Tonkinwise, Is Design Finished?(repeat from Vol 2, Issue 3)
Tony Fry, Rematerialisation as a Prospective Project(repeat from Vol 2, Issue 3)
Tony Fry, Elimination by Design (repeat from Vol 1, Issue 4)

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2005  – HOMELESSNESS
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: On homelessness
Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos, Design, waste and homelessness
Ranjana Mital, Not homeless, but houseless in Delhi
Tiiu Poldma, Teaching design by confronting homelessness
Anne Edwards, A lack of design: homelessness policy
Tony Fry, Homelessness: a philosophical architecture
Ken Straiton, Homeless settlement in Tokyo (images)
Volume 3 Issue 4, 2005 – DESIGN-IN-ACTION
Anne-Marie Willis,Editorial: Design-in-action
Bodil Jönsson, Peter Anderberg, Eva Flodin, Camilla Nordgren, Arne Svensk & Lone Malmborg, Ethics in the Making
Carleton B. Christensen, The Material Basis of Everyday Rationality: transformation by design or education?
Rabah Bousbaci & Alain Findeli, More Acting & Less Making: a place for ethics in architecture’s epistemology
Tony Fry, Design, Development & Questions of Direction

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2006 – REVIEW ISSUE
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: The Review Issue
Cameron Tonkinwise, Always Historicise Design (review: Bruce Sterling Shaping Things)
Tony Fry, ‘Object-thing Philosophy’ and Design(reviews: B. Latour & P. Weibel Making Things Public; G. Harman, Tool-being and Guerrilla Metaphysics; Peter-Paul Verbeek What Things Do)

Gavin Sade, Why Interaction Design? (review: Jonas Löwgren & Erik Stolterman Thoughtful Interaction Design)
Anne-Marie Willis, From Cultural Difference to Horizons of the Same(reviews: Marshall Sahlins Culture in Practice & Bruce Mau Massive Change)

Maria Cecilia Loschiavos dos Santos, Homelessness: A Global Perspective
Volume 4, Issue 2, 2006 – DESIGN, PHILOSOPHY, ETHICS part 1
Tony Fry, Editorial: Design, Philosophy & Ethics
Anne-Marie Willis, Ontological Designing
William McNeill, Design and the Enigma of the World
Wolfgang Jonas, A Special Moral Code for Design?
Carleton B. Christensen, Popping the Bubble: the Ethical Responsibility for Design(review: John Thackara In the Bubble)
Books received and noted
Volume 4, Issue 3, 2006  – DESIGN, PHILOSOPHY, ETHICS part 2
Tony Fry, Design, Ethics & Identity
Keith Owens, Design, Technology & Ethics: Visiting with Kockelkoren & Taylor
Daniel Wahl, A Cyborg’s choice: Singularity or Sustainment?
Volume 4, Issue 4, 2006 – NEW DIRECTION/SUSTAIN ETHICS
Anne-Marie Willis & Tony Fry, Editorial: New Directions
Eli Blevis, Advancing Sustainable Interaction Design: two perspectives on material effects
Susan Stewart & Jacqueline Lorber-Kasunic, Akrasia, Ethics & Design Education
Philippe Gauthier, Not Good Enough? A Response to Wolfgang Jonas
Tony Fry, Reviews: Samar Akkach Cosmology and Architecture; S. Read & C. Pinilla, Visualising the Invisible; Alberto Perez-Gomez Built upon Love
Anne-Marie Willis, Reviews: Michelle Murphy Sick Building Syndrome and the Problem of Uncertainty; Anthony Dunne Hertzian Tales: electronic products, aesthetic experience and critical design

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2007 – REDIRECTION
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Transition
Tony Fry, Redirective Practice: An Elaboration
Cameron Tonkinwise, Philosophy Gets Real about Design (review: Albert Borgmann’s Real American Ethics)
Design Philosophy Politics – Preview
Eli Blevis, Living Room Totem of the Unsustainable
Review shorts: Nigel Cross’s ‘Designerly Ways of Knowing’; George Stiny’s ‘Shape’ and more
Volume 5, Issue 2, 2007 – BUILDING DWELLING FUTURES
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Building Dwelling Futures
Philippe d’Anjou & Glenn Weiss, The Forgotten Project in New Urbanism
Kim Steele, Topography of Vacancy
Tony Fry with Jim Gall, Redirective Practice in Action: Boonah Two
Anne-Marie Willis, From Peri-urban to Unknown Territory
Volumes 5, Issue 3, 2007 –EVERYDAY SUSTAINMENT
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: The Everyday as Locus of Sustainment
Carleton B. Christensen, What is so Sustainable about Services?
Philippe d’Anjou, The Existential Self as Locus of Sustainability in Design
Michael Chapman & Steffan Lehmann, Congestion & Movement: Cities, Crowds & Chandigarh
Sukanta Biswas, Sustainable Mobility Services in Kolkata
Tony Fry, Learning from the Ancients, review: Jullien’s Vital Nourishment
Book review shorts: Plenitude, 101 Things, Personhood of Place, Kenya Hara
Volume 6, Issue 1, 2008  – TECHNOLOGICAL ANGST
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Technological Angst
Britt Östlund, Annika Olsson & Bodil Jönsson, The Liquid Drop: exposing & utilising difference in the design process
Eric Stolterman & Anna Croon Fors, Human Computer Interaction: towards a critical research position
Anne-Marie Willis, Introduction to Philosophical Dialogue
William McNeill & Carleton B. Christensen,Philosophical Dialogue: Everyday truths?
Tony Fry, The Gap in the Ability to Sustain
Carleton B. Christensen, What is so Sustainable about Services? (repeat)
Volume 6, Issue 2, 2008 – SELF, AGENCY, WORLD
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Self, Agency, World
Carleton B. Christensen, Redirecting Affective Dispositions: how philosophy can contribute to eco-political thinking
Henrik Enquist, A Socio-material Ecology of the Distributed Self
Tiiu Poldma, Dwelling Futures and Lived Experiences: transforming interior spaces
Anne-Marie Willis, Design Unlimited – reviews: The Design Culture Reader (ed. Ben Highmore) & Design Dictionary (eds Michael Erloff and Tim Marshall)
Anne-Marie Willis & Cameron Tonkinwise,Inefficient Sustainability
Allan Stoekl, Gift, Design and Gleaning
Jamer Hunt, Unnatural Capital: Bataille beyond Design
Tony Fry, Sustainability: Inefficiency or Insufficiency?
Cameron Tonkinwise, Sustainability is not a Humanism review essay on Allan Stoekl Bataille’s Peak
Volume 7, Issue 2, 2009 – DESIGN HISTORY FUTURES
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Design History Futures?
Peter A. Hall, True Cost Button-pushing: re-writing industrial design in America
Tara Andrews, Design and Consume to Utopia: where industrial design went wrong
Carolyn Barnes & Simon Jackson, Robin Boyd, Expo ’70 and Defuturing: no accounting for the environment
Beverly Grindstaff, Origins of Unsustainable Luxury: becoming slaves to objects
Anne Massey & Paul Micklethwaite,Unsustainability: towards a new design history with reference to British Utitlity
Volume 7, Issue 3, 2009 – DESIGN HISTORY FUTURES – part 2
Karin Jaschke, Editorial: Design History Futures - part 2
Daniel Barber, Environmentalisation: 20thc architecture reconceived
Jill Sinclair, ‘That faint semblance of Eden’: problems with landscape design history
Mark Jackson, Sustainability, Design, History
Dena Fam, Cynthia Mitchell, Abby Lopes, Juliet Willetts, Challenge of Systems Change: Sydney’s sewers
John Calvelli, Unsustainable Histories, Models of Practice
Volume 8, Issue 1, 2010 SACRED DESIGN
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Sacred Design Now
Karsten Harries, On the Need for Sacred Architecture
Nilay Ozlu, Hagia Sophia and the Demise of the Sacred
Tony Fry, Re-turning: Sacred Design III
Soumitri Varadarajan, How the Sacred could Inform Sustainable Design Practice
Samer Akkach, The Presence of Absence: Sacred Design Now
Volume 9, Issue 3, 2011 – BEYOND PROGRESSIVE DESIGN part 1
Sean Donahue, Rama Gheerawo & Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Beyond Progressive Design – Part 1
Shana Agid, How Do We Transition People from a System that Doesn't Want To Let Them Go?: Social Design and Its Political Contexts
Matt Kiem, Designing the Social, and the Politics of Social Innovation
Kenton Card, Democratic Social Architecture or Experimentation on the Poor? Ethnographic Snapshots
Karine Freire, Gustavo Borba & Luisa Diebold, Participatory Design as an Approach to Social Innovation
Vera Damazio & Gabriel Leitão, Design against Domestic Violence: The Project ‘Bringing Peace into the Family’
Volume 10, Issue 1, 2012 – BEYOND PROGRESSIVE DESIGN part 2
Sean Donahue, Rama Gheerawo & Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Beyond Progressive Design – Part 2
Oliver Vodeb, Beyond the Image and Towards Communication: An Extra-Disciplinary Critique of the Visual Communication Profession
Jan-Henning Raff & Gavin Melles, Design without Designers: Thinking Everyday Design Practice
Eva Koppen & Christoph Meinel, Knowing People: The Empathetic Designer
Pirkko Raudaskoski, Beyond Words: Progressive Design for/with People with Severe Brain Injury
Yoko Akama, A Way of Being in Design: Zen and the Art of Being a Human-Centred Practitioner
Petra Perolini & Tony Fry, Home Eco-Nomy: Dwelling, Destruction and Design
Volume 10, Issue 2, 2012 – MAPPING
Kaye Shumack, Editorial: Mapping, Shifting Ecologies of Time and Place
Anne-Marie Willis, The Ontological Designing of Mapping
Susan C. Stewart, Fresh Thoughts on Mapping and GIS: Cleanliness, Temporality and Sustainment
Abby Mellick Lopes & Kaye Shumack, “Please Ask Us” Conversation Mapping as Design Research: Social Learning in a Verge Garden Site
Clancy Wilmott, Living the Map: Cartographies of Mobile Media Environments
Sarah Barns, Retrieving the Spatial Imaginary of Real-Time Cities
Peter Hall, Afterword: On Mapping and Maps
Volume 11, Issue 1, 2013 – DESIGN, POLITICS, CHANGE
Anne-Marie Willis, Design, Politics and Change
Mahmoud Keshavarz & Ramia Maze, Design and Dissensus: Framing and Staging Participation in Design Research
Matt Kiem, If Political Design Changed Anything They'd Make it Illegal: Review Essay on Carl DiSalvo's Adversarial Design
Guilherme C. Meyer & Alice T. Cybis Pereira, Design and Ethnography on a Post-Tragedy Scenario: Intervention in the Itajaí Valley
Filipe Campello Xavier da Costa & Celso Carnos Scaletsky, Road Running as a Designed Experience
Fernando Secomandi, Thinking through the Service Interface: A Study of Philips Direct Life

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2014 – THE WORK OF DESIGN
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial
Tony Fry, The Origin of the Work of Design: Thoughts based on a Reading of Martin Heidegger’s “The Origin of the Work of Art”
Scott Townsend, Complexity and Control: The New Design Paradigm
Aysar Ghassan, Earth with Agency: A Thoroughly Queer Notion, Design Philosophy Papers
Brita Fladvad Nielsen, Out of Context: Ethnographic Interviewing, Empathy, and Humanitarian Design
Camillo Boano & Giorgio Talocci, Agamben’s Gesture of Profanation and the Politics of Play in Urban Design

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2014 – CITIES, FUTURES
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial
Eleni Kalantidou, Westernizing the Semi-Orient and De-Westernizing the Semi-Occident: The Past, Present and Future of Athens (Greece)
Joanna Boehnert, Design vs. the Design Industry
Lennah Kuskoff, Redesigning Everyday Practices Toward Sustainability: Potentialities and Limitations of a Community Kitchen
Anne-Marie Willis, Designing Back from the Future
Nissmah Roshdy, Egypt 2060: Reflection on the Project
Cameron Tonkinwise, How We Intend to Future: Review of Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming

Volume 13, Issue 1, 2015 – TRANSITION DESIGN
Gideon Kossoff, Terry Irwin & Anne-Marie Willis, Transition Design
Arturo Escobar, Transiciones: a space for research and design for transitions to the pluriverse
Terry Irwin, Gideon Kossoff & Cameron Tonkinwise, Transition Design Provocation
Gideon Kossoff, Holism and the reconstitution of everyday life: a framework for transition to a sustainable society
Damian White, Metaphors, hybridity, failure and work: a sympathetic appraisal of Transitional Design
Carl DiSalvo, Three reflections on the Transition Design Symposium provocations
Ezio Manzini, Design in the transition phase: a new design culture for the emerging design
Dennis Doordan, Professional skills and local engagement: the challenge of Transition Design
Anne-Marie Willis, Transition Design: the need to refuse discipline and transcend instrumentalism
Peter Scupelli, Designed transitions and what kind of design is transition design?
Cameron Tonkinwise, Design for Transitions ‒ from and to what?
Volume 13, Issue 2, 2015 – POWER, MATTER, BODY, BILINGUAL
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial
Mahmoud Keshavarz, Material practices of power – part I: passports and passporting
Clive Dilnot, The Matter of Design
Jonathan Ventura, Uncanny Mechanics: industrial design and the threatened body
Soheil Ashrafi, Bilingual Typography Considered from the Standpoint of Bakhtin’s Dialogism

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2016 – POWER AND SOCIAL DESIGN
Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial
Mahmoud Keshavarz, Material Practices of Power – part II: forged passports as material dissents
Daniel Lopera Molano & Victoria Ortegón-León, Waste Retrieval Services in Ibagué: a social design approach
Anne-Marie Willis & Eman Elbana, Socially Engaged Design: a critical discussion with reference to an Egyptian village
Aysar Ghassan & Mark Blythe, Fluidity and Legitimacy: designer as minor scientist

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2017 – DESIGN AND THE GLOBAL SOUTH
Tony Fry & Anne-Marie Willis, Editorial: Design and the Global South
Tony Fry, Design for/by ‘The Global South’
Arturo Escobar, Response: Design for/by [and from] the ‘Global South’
Madina Tlostanova, On Decolonizing Design
Hernán López-Garay & Daniel Lopera Molano, Alter Design: A clearing where design is revealed as coming full circle to its forgotten origins and dissolved into nondesign
Juan Carlos Garzon, Designing Spirits: Transitioning from attachments that kill to attachments that save Corrigendum (Garzon)
Rolando Vazquez, Precedence, Earth and the Anthropocene: Decolonizing design

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2017 – DESIGN AFTER DESIGN
Anne-Marie Willis, The Last Editorial
Tony Fry, Design After Design
Dermott McMeel, Material Control: Reflections on the social and material practices of digital fabrication
Cigdem Kaya Pazarbasi, Contemporary Art and Critical Perspectives in Industrial Design Education
Mads Nygaard Folkmann & Hans-Christian Jensen, Design and the Question of Contemporary Aesthetic Experiences
Clive Dilnot, Design, Knowledge and Human Interest