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Superette Homework Market

Two full months down!

Boom. Feels more like two years. The dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, I’ve experienced them all in these two months! October was strange, not sure how I feel about how October went yet, I only have September to compare it to. I’ve been using this blog as a forum to unburden myself of all my concerns, outrages and insecurities, but I think I need to temper my moan-y, groan-y ways before I get a reputation as the neighbourhood Eeyore. I’m already the Eeyore of my family and social circles, I don’t need that following me everywhere!

I hate the term 'spirit animal' but I can't fight mine

I think it has felt like longer than two months because all of my previous jobs had known expiration dates. There was a light at the end of the tunnel and that was motivating, and oftentimes relieving. For instance, my illustrious career as an English teacher to children. There is no way I could have weathered that storm without knowing the school year had to end eventually. I had many a ‘wtf am I doing with my life?’ moment whilst writhing around on the carpet of a communist style kindergarten, getting flashcards whipped at my head and watching anarchy unfold around me. Talk about character building. Anyway, I guess the point is to start setting goals to stave off stagnation and stop looking at this as if it were a job, when it is (hopefully) a career. This month’s goal will be to make enough money to pay the rent. Setting the bar real high with that one!

I put a lot of stock into my fortune cookie wisdom

If these two months have taught me anything, it’s that I need to stay open-minded and be receptive to feedback and criticisms. I’m seeing what works and what doesn’t, and I’m not going to be stubborn and stick to a failing formula, so I need to shift gears and refine my vision. As much as I am a second-hand rose and love the hunt and gather of vintage, I think it might have to take a less prominent role. What was once a fringe fascination for some, is now quite mainstream. The market here seems to be so over saturated with second-hand and consignment shops that I am kind of getting lumped in and lost in the shuffle. The challenge has now shifted to finding reasonably priced, quality new things that are preferably made in Canada. Believe it or not, that is a challenge! But challenge accepted, as there seems to be a growing demand for such things. My neighbour down the street owns a great shop that specializes in made in Canada menswear, and I’m sure he can attest to this!


So, I wouldn’t be staying true to myself and the essence of the blog if I didn’t air at least one grievance, so here it goes! You know what I am kind of tired of hearing? The people who come in here and say things like, “wow, you’re so brave, it’s a tough business, real tough, you sure have guts, hope you can make a go of it…” Ya, thanks, so do I? You know what I think takes a lot of guts, actually saying that to somebody. I’m not sure if people think they can be patronizing because I am young-ish, but I’m pretty sure If I were in my 60’s they wouldn’t be saying that to me. If you’re so concerned about my future success, maybe you should actually support small businesses instead of standing around aghast and undermining my confidence.

That being said, I offend easily, and maybe these people meant no harm by saying such things, but it’s just not something I want to hear, ya know? 99.9% of everyone else I meet here is absolutely wonderful and supportive, and it’s really cool to start feeling like I am a part of a community!


Simplicity is the solution when it comes to creative design. Proved over and over again, this important feature of any smart design allows us to imagine better versions of usual objects. Take as example the Homework Work Table a new cast aluminum and ash wood work table that marries functionality and aesthetics in a wonderful design.

Designed by Tomas Kral for super-ette, this ingenious work table design showcases both its sculptural side – an aluminum sheet folded and sandwiched between wooden planks shaping the table top – as well as its functional side – the aluminum sheet shapes a storage pocket all around.

“Homework is a work table which has been set to be even more functional: an aluminium cloth is placed on a wooden table then folded to form a refined extension, a toolbox to store documents, objects, photos…that you need or simply desire to work. The tilted surface enables you to lay down open books and continue reading like with a desk.”