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Itu Hazirlik Essay Examples

THE ITU ENGLISH PROFICIENCY EXAM WRITING SECTION 1. As of September 2008 , the writing section of the ITU English Proficiency Exam will consist of topics on which you are expected to write one of the essay types below: • A cause essay • An effect essay • A compare/ contrast essay * There will be no opinion essay topic in the exam anymore. 2. For the cause or effect essay type, you are expected to write an explicit thesis statement; such as “ Because of air pollution and excessive use of chemicals in food, the rate of cancer is increasing.” Do not write thesis statements like: “There are several reasons of the increase in cancer incidents”. 3. For compare/ contrast essay, you could choose to focus on just the similarities, just the differences, or both the similarities and differences. If you decide to write only the similarities or differences, then the thesis statement should explicitly state your intention to do so. 4. For each essay type, you will be provided with some data, i.e. a piece of reading text, some clues, a chart/ graph, etc. You may use the data to write your essay. However, you do not have to use the given information. You may decide to group it and use it partially, or you may choose not to use it at all. 5. For each type of essay, you are expected to write an introduction paragraph, two body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. Thus, your essay will have four paragraphs. The word count should be 250-300 words. If your essay is clearly below 250 words, or if it exceeds 350 words, 3 points will be deducted. 1

Proficiency essay konuları sayfasında Bahçeşehir, İTÜ, Yeditepe gibi üniversitelerin Proficiency sınavlarıyla ilgili essay konularını bulacaksınız.

Essay Konusu: Kadına karşı şiddet

Violence against Women

Violence against women is a serious problem around the world. Women in many countries suffer from various forms of violence. What do you thing can be done to eliminate this problem?

  • Provide women with access to legal representation
  • Promote gender equality in schools
  • End forced early marriage and premature pregnancy
  • Bring greater attention to violence
  • Revise marriage laws that are institutionally biased against women

Essay Konusu: Üniversite eğitimi

“Is a College Education Worth It?”

PRO College Education

  • College graduates make more money.
  • More and more jobs require college degrees.
  • Young adults learn interpersonal skills in college.
  • Colleges provide networking value.

CON College Education

  • Many college graduates are employed in jobs that do not require college degrees
  • Many recent college graduates are un- or underemployed.
  • Many people succeed without college degrees
  • College degrees do not guarantee learning or job preparation

Daha iyi Proficiency essayleri yazmak ister misiniz?

Essayinizi bize e-posta atın, 48 saat içinde kelime kelime, satır satır inceleyip yanlışlarınızı düzeltip bilmeniz gerekenleri anlatalım. Writing notunuzu yükseltin.

Başlamak için aşağıda yer alan Proficiency paketlerinden birini seçin.

Essay Konusu: Cep telefonları

“Are Cell Phones Safe?”

PRO Cell Phones

  • Numerous peer-reviewed studies have found that cell phone use is not associated with an increased risk of brain tumors
  • There has been no rise in the rate of brain cancers despite a massive increase in the use of cell phones
  • Use of a cell phone while driving is not inherently unsafe

CON Cell Phones

  • Children may have an increased risk of adverse health effects from cell phone radiation
  • Radiation from cell phones can damage sperm.
  • Prenatal exposure to radiation from cell phones may increase the risk of ADHD and other behavior problems in children.

Essay Konusu: Terör

Problem Solution: Terrorism

There has been a rise in the number of terror acts around the world. Many countries have suffered from the tragic consequences of terrorism. It is important to address this issue to establish a society where citizen can live in peace. How do you think the problem of terrorism can be solved?

  • Cutting down the source of terrorists
  • Locating and dealing with politicians who give support to terrorists.
  • Harsher punishment for people who engage in terrorist acts
  • Diverting media attention from terrorist groups
  • Instituting positive incentives to actual and prospective terrorist for proper reintegration into society.

Proficiency Essay Konuları Video Anlatım

Essay Konusu: Sosyal Medya

“Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society?”

PRO Social Media

  • Social networking sites spread information faster than any other media.
  • Law enforcement uses social networking sites to catch and prosecute criminals
  • Social networking sites allow people to improve their relationships and make new friends
  • Social media sites help employers find employees and job-seekers find work.

CON Social Media

  • Social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information
  • Students who are heavy social media users tend to have lower grade
  • Social networking sites can lead to stress and offline relationship problems
  • Social networking sites entice people to waste time


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